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Monsters Vs. Aliens

Monsters Vs. Aliens

In Theatres: 
Mar 27, 2009
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 34 Minutes

Blushing bride to be Susan Murphy is just moments away from making all of her dreams come true when out of nowhere…BAM…hit by a meteor. One minute bound for the alter the next exploding out of the chapel via through the roof as she becomes a giant. Just when things look bad…BAM…she finds herself in the company of monsters, quarantined by the government, and isolated from the ones she loves. Things couldn’t get any worse right?

Okay so my first thought was that since this film is going to be made in 3D (this review is for the standard non-3D version) that the film was going to suck. I’ve enjoyed the 3D effects of some films but found that most of them have very bland stories or that the 3D and the story were terrible. Monsters Vs. Aliens has got to be considered one of the best, well, as far as the plot goes. The animation for the film is simply amazing. Everything is highly detailed and on the big screen everything just comes to life in front of you. The humor, while it tends to head towards inappropriate at times manages to win you over and get you genuinely laughing, something I haven’t really done at a film in sometime, at least when it was supposed to make me laugh.

In animation films your going to wind up recognizing and applying attributes of the actors and actresses who do the voice over work to the characters, usually. Seth Rogan for example, this idea applies big time, but the rest of the characters are so rich and almost life like that you don’t even think to put a face to the voices. You want them to be real and you get so enveloped in their plights that it’s a tribute to the writers and animators that worked on this film. Simply an amazing film that, so far in 09, goes down as the very best of the bunch. Sadly this film will knock Knowing out of the number one spot and probably knock Watchmen clear out of the bottom but its so deserving. For once I’m going to go back to the theater to catch it in 3D and so should you. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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