Moonstruck (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Running Time: 
102 Minutes

Originally, the film was called "The Bride and the Wolf".

The Cher/Nicolas Cage 1987 romantic comedy Moonstruck finally gets a Blu-Ray release and fans of the film won’t be disappointed with the picture quality. Unfortunately the only upside is the picture quality. Bonus features haven’t changed since the release of the two thousand and six deluxe edition release on DVD other then the package missing recipe cards. Still this is a worthy upgrade for picture alone.


Okay so the film starts off a bit ugly. We follow a truck hauling props for an Opera through the streets of New York. The fact that these exterior shots look so aged is no surprise to me. This takes about ten minutes to get through and then the film switches over to a vibrantly clear quality that’s only flawed by slight white dots popping up here and there and a small amount of grain from time to time in the film but not enough to really notice. I was impressed with how well this film looked while still maintaining that eighties film texture. Audio could have been better. The films DTS-HD MA 5.1 sound shines through with its operatic soundtrack and atmospheric sound is acute but dialogue suffers. I had to boost my surround sound system up a bit more then I usually do to get clear dialogue from the film.


Again, if you own the deluxe DVD version from 2006 your not going to find anything new here, but if you’ve never owned this film before the bonus features are great:
~Audio Commentary with Cher, Director Norman Jewison, and Writer John Patrick Shanley.
~Moonstruck: At the Heart of An Italian Family Documentary. I really loved this bonus feature as it interviews couples from the area where the film was shot and talks with them about being together and what family means to them. The documentary also talks to cast members which adds all the more weight to the telling of this particular films story. Really good and should be watched.
~Music of Moonstruck
~Pasta To Pastries: The Art of Fine Italian Food. This is my favorite bonus feature because I like to cook. In this feature, which is hosted terribly by Marc DeCarlo who stoops as low as plugging one of his own shows, you get to watch chef’s from various Italian restaurants on Mulberry Street show you how to cook classic Italian dishes. Mind you I never owned this film but maybe these recipe cards that were omitted for this edition are attached to the end of each instructional video. Maybe, maybe not. If you’ve owned the DVD and now have the BD feel free to comment in the comment section. All in all a section of the bonus features I will more then likely wear out when I attempt to cook every dish presented.

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