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Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster: Close to Earth

Close To Earth

(Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

“Close To Earth” is the new album being released by the duo Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster. While Murray Hockridge are the main vocals on the songs, Dave Kilminster does backing vocals as well. On the flip side, Dave Kilminster plays the lead guitar on the songs while Murray Hockridge has backing guitar as well. Together the two musicians have built an acoustic album of cover songs from some of the most memorable bands and songs that are unmistakable. Though the way Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster perform the songs are not to sound like the original songs, for that we can listen to the originals, but they play them in a manner that they like to have the songs played.
That way the songs are being played is acoustic with just the guitar and the vocals but also in a soft, easy manner. First thing to know about the album Close to Earth is that all 11 songs are from other bands, such as REM, Elton John, Cyndy Lauper, and many others. Technically however this could really be called a cover album even though they are from different groups the songs are still from different groups. Does that take anything away from the value of the songs that Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster perform? No, what it does is give people that listen to the album a chance at already knowing the songs so can instantly be able to sing along with them and know the songs. What will make a difference is that while the songs are still the same as far as the lyrics go and the chords are the same but Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster have given the songs their own tempo and beat.
Typically I'm not big on cover bands, at least not when it comes to listening to the CD of them because when I want to hear a song I will  listen to the original version if I want to listen to cover of the song then I'll go to a bar. However, when I listened to these songs I was pleastanly surprised that I found myself liking the way they were being played. Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster have a  good  sense of  sound when it comes to taking an already famous song and giving it  a new  sound without compromising the core of the song. Murray Hockridge has soothing vocals that give the songs a more personal and emotional sound. Which is something that is difficult to do with Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" considering this song is already very emotional in it's original form. Helping make the songs have that personal feel to them is Dave Kilminster's guitar playing. What Dave Kilminster brings to the songs is the ability to know the exact moment when to play the guitar and when to let the vocals of Murray Hockridge be the only thing heard. I did enjoy this album, it's still just cover songs, but all of them are well played and give a new way of listening to songs that are well established.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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