My Old Lady

My Old Lady

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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108 Minutes
Mathias Gold (Kevin Kline; Last Vegas) is penniless, in a foreign country, and has inherited a massive apartment that his father owned. If only he could sell the property and make a killing off of it he could finally have some financial stability. Unfortunately the apartment is a Viager, a contract with the tenant in which they actually pay the occupant a rental fee as long as they live. Even though Mathilde Girarde (Maggie Smith; Harry Potter Franchise) is 90 years old Mathias needs the money now, but can he outwait Mathilde and her daughter Chloe (Kristin Scott Thomas; Only God Forgives) who are trying to persuade him to not sell the house, as well as opening up old wounds?
I’m a pretty decent Kevin Kline fan. I was so expecting to find a witty and fun romantic comedy, or something like it. The trailer for the film would suggest that. However, My Old Lady had to have been one of the more boring films I’ve sat through in awhile. 
Even though the film has some romance in it, it is mostly a depressing mess that feels like it goes nowhere. It’s like following around a stranger who you realize is a real drag to little to late and then sticking around to see if anything exciting happens to make the first half hour redeemable. Nope, it’s all pretty annoying stuff. 
My Old Lady starts out relatively strong. When Kline enters the Paris streets the world is sunny and ridiculously detailed and smooth. As the film goes on however it starts to feel suffocated by unfocused camera movements, seemingly poorly lit scenes, and some wide out shots that detract from the come and go high definition of the film. Even though a majority of the film feels worthy of purchase, even if the movie stinks, at grade level it stoops into B territory which is kind of a shame. 
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~Interviews: Quite possibly as boring as the film itself. 
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