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Narada Michael Walden: Thunder 2013

Thunder 2013

(Narada Michael Walden)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well known musician Narada Michael Walden has a new album coming out called Thunder 2013 with a track listing of 15 songs. The man has worked with such famous artists as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston. His music encompasses different styles, rock, blues, jazz, funk, and others. This is pretty much all the information that I could find on Narada Michael Walden, well, that and that he's been in the music business for a long time and is very well known. After listening to his music I can understand how he is such a well known musician.
Thunder 2013 is is a strong album full of songs that does what I would like other bands to take note of. That is having 15 songs on an album that all sound different from each others. Even though there are similar styles being used, such as funk, blues, jazz, and rock the songs don't sound at all alike. When one song ends and the next plays it's different enough that they could be from a different album. It's amazing how the songs do change from one to the next while all of them still keeping with the funky sound that Narada Michael Walden has.
Vocals on the songs are also change up from having most being sung by Narada Michael Walden to a few that feature Nikita Germaine and Angeline Saris. All the vocals are strong, they are easily understood, and I didn't hear them sound like most bands today do, mixed. Thunder 2013 is an album that plays songs from people that not only know how to play but they know how to make the songs have a groovy beat and catchy rhythms. These songs really do have a funk to them, the beats are catchy, and I found myself liking all 15 tracks on the album.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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