Plain Jane (PREVIEW)

Plain Jane


I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that The CW thinks its viewers are a bunch of morons.

Take "Plain Jane" for example. Here we have a highly-staged reality makeover show where a self-nominated "victim" puts herself into the hands of Louise Roe, a tall, picture-perfect, leggy, British host that is supposed to take one "plain Jane" and give her a makeover and all the confidence with which to conquer her biggest fears. Like snails.

Now that wouldn't be enough of a premise to get anyone to really take notice, would it? No, so here's the gimmick. "Jane" also has to have an unrequited crush on someone. Not only will "Jane" get a makeover, but she will have to face her intended (and possible rejection) at the end of every show.

The pilot's "Jane" (honestly, I can't remember the girl's real name) is a non-descript, hoodie- and skullcap-wearing post-grad who is in love with Ty, her BFF of six years. Now that she's let the cat out of the bag, to Louise anyway, she has to stick to her guns and go get her man. Even if she has horse teeth.


Every scene (e.g., the dog park scene) in this insipid show is staged, scripted, and terrible. It clocked in at a mere 31 minutes (it's an hour-long show) so that leaves 29 minutes for commercials and plenty of CW promos for more shows I can't wait to hate. So here we are with another non-cerebral summer filler show any 8 year old will love.

Honestly, if I could be guaranteed a rejection scene from time to time, I might tune in. Fun just like when I used to watch "Love Connection" with Chuck Woolery.

Must miss the CW's summer smash "Plain Jane" series premiere on July 28 from 9-10pm EST.

Review by Jennifer Isbell