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PlayStation Move Heroes

PlayStation Move Heroes

Ship Date: 
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PlayStation Move Heroes: the title is clear and unambigious, most likely targeting poor old grandparents out shopping for their grandchildren. Little Billy got Move for his birthday and he needs a game for it. They can’t go wrong with this one; it’s clearly for the PlayStation, it has Move in the name and it features heroes (who doesn’t like heroes?). It’s all on the box, so there’s no room for error.

Experienced gamers have learned to be wary of such brand-heavy titles. They know that these games tend to be some of the most unimaginative and dullest around. They’ve been burnt before. Is PlayStation Move Heroes the exception to the rule, or is it another lazily designed game living off the stock of its popular characters or unique peripheral?

The concept has potential: two shady aliens have plucked Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly and Bentley out of their worlds and into the first ever Intergalactic Hero Games. It’s an opportunity for each to showcase their skills. However, everything isn’t as it seems, and our heroes are about to find themselves stuck in an unsporting situation – not that they’ll mind.

PlayStation Move Heroes is essentially a collection of mini-games spread across four worlds – three of which are versions of our heroes’ worlds (Metropolis, Paris and Haven) with the last completely original (Planet X). The difference between each is simply their appearance. The actual games you play differ very little across the four worlds.

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The selection is very limited with only a handful of game types available (and even then they’re often very similar). They’re all designed with PlayStation Move in mind; you will hack and slash at hordes of robots, swing flaming whips at more robots and fire your guns at even more robots. You will also save strange blob-like creatures (called Whibbles) from captivity with your remote control frisbee and bowling ball. Fairly standard then, except for the last two, and that’s basically all the games. We haven’t missed anything noteworthy.




Review by Seanoc