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Pop Evil: Onyx


(Pop Evil)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pop Evil drop their latest offering, Onyx, a blistering nu-metal album (if that genre name is still current) that will have your toe tapping and your head nodding to its fast paced, but coherent vocals.

Onyx, to me, was an album that was fiercely made. The band is tight knit and the guitar sound on here is both hard edged as well as experimental. Aside from that I felt like the overall sound is pretty basic fro a hard rock act. Vocals are rowdy and the lyrics represents the usual stereotype for hard rock bands aimed at teens and twenty somethings. Strife, strength, perseverance, and always getting back up when the world knocks you down. In short, it didn’t really bring anything new to the table that hasn’t been said before, not even delivered in a way that hasn’t been used before.

The saving grace for Onyx is that the band is hard hitting, know how to manipulate their instruments and add up all those awesome guitar shredding moments, hefty drum counts, and typical ranged approaches for vocal delivery. It should have no trouble finding airplay on any rock radio station across the country. As an album that I see myself listening to again? It’s doubtful. In a sea of hard rock acts out there that rely on image, fitting the mold of their genre, and playing as loud as they can with as much grit as they can, well, Pop Evil gets it done, but that’s about it. Nothing more memorable then the guitar work found herein. As always, final judgment is yours.