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Primeval New World: The Complete Series

Primeval New World: The Complete Series

On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When any invasion occurs it's usually not on the best of terms but when an invasion of prehistoric dinosaurs takes place it will take a team of experts to take control of the situation. Inventor Evan Cross (played by Niall Matter) gathers his team of exceptionally trained animal experts and brilliant scientists to help him control the dinosaurs. Stationed at The Tank, their top of the line HQ, the team conducts their searches and investigations into the anomalies, the portals that bring the dinosaurs from their time into the present time. It's now a new world that has a bit of a very old world in it but the two just don't belong together.

New World is the Canadian spin-off of the show Primeval where a group of people have to fight dinosaurs coming from the past into the present through glowing anomalies. Being that I've seen some of the previous show I had a good idea of what to expect but when I saw the title to this one being New World, I thought it was going to be on a new world. By the cover of the DVD case I knew that it was going to feature a new cast taking on the dinosaurs but I was not treated to a new world. It's still Earth and it's still just dinosaurs from the past, as far as plots go there's nothing new with this version of the show, other than the cast and subplots of the episodes. But even that is not much different since they are still fighting the dinosaurs.

This show isn't bad however I can't say it's that great either. There's some excitement to the show with having some very angry dinosaurs coming through portals to munch on unsuspecting people while plots are easy to deduce the outcome before it happens. Evan Cross, the main character of this series, is motivated by a loss that has driven him to use his wealth to that cause it to happen (I'm not going to tell you the loss cause that's a spoiler).Angelika Finch (played by Miranda Frigon) doesn't like that he spends all the money on searching for answers while not putting time into the company that earned him all the money to begin with. The government plot to keep it a secret is something that is expected to happen and there's of course a mystery man who seems to know all about what's going on but only gives cryptic clues that are really just more questions.

It was an OK show where if I were to watch it while having absolutely nothing to do and nothing else to watch, then this would be a show I would follow. Having it a show that I would have watched on a weekly basis is not something I would have done. As I said, the plots are predictable, the characters add little to the story lines, and if the dinosaurs where taken out of the show there would be nothing left of interest. What would have been cool is if the show took place on some other world where they technically where still in the present but on another planet fighting the dinosaurs there. Maybe even have the portals opening on different planets while shipping the cast around to different times putting them into situations where they would have nothing they knew or comfortable with to use so that the show would have been different. But I'm not here to talk about what would have been cool I'm here to talk about what was, and what was is a show that has some ok visual effects being used on the dinosaurs but plots that are flat with no cause to use your mind. The cast of the show was decent, which helped the show more than anything else on it did. A show that has a cast with good chemistry can do wonders for sagging plots but when nothing new happens in the plots even a good cast can only go so far. Which the go so far was a total of 13 episodes, not a long running show at all. There are some funny moments in the show, and the dinosaurs do look really cool, but the show was just OK. I enjoyed watching it but only because I no longer have cable TV to watch so watching it was fun just because it was something to watch.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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