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Revenge: Season Two

“Revenge” will be returning to TV for their third season at the end of September. The show can be seen on ABC at 9pm on Sundays. If you have not been following the show or need a refresher, the 2nd season of “Revenge” was released on August 20. The show revolves around Emily (Emily VanCamp) as she tries to uncover the details and secrets regarding her father’s murder. She somehow manages to infiltrate the upper-class of the Hamptons to try and solve and this mystery and extract payback on those that set up her father.
I have heard good things about this show from friends, but have never really watched an episode until now. After the first couple episodes, I must say that I am hooked. The writing and the acting is so addictive and fun to watch. The whole show submerses you into the Hamptons and you are never going to know what will happen next. This is a great drama to watch, if you don’t watch “Revenge” already.
I plan on watching the first season now to fully understand the rest of the story. Along with all 22 episodes from Season 2, they included a lot of fun and interesting extras for fans of the show or to make new fans. The bonus features included bloopers, deleted scenes, audio commentary, and several featurettes. I especially liked the featurette about the show’s music because it played a huge part in setting the scene and the mood for each episode. If you have not already checked out the show, I highly recommend you do so before the third season starts. Season 2 is a must buy for any fan of the show or anyone that want to know more about “Revenge.” For those reasons, I am giving “Revenge: Season 2” an “A-.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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