Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Running Time: 
96 Minutes

So what would happen if you found out that the story of The Graduate was true, and not only true but it was your family?  That is exactly where Sarah is. Attending her sister’s wedding Sarah can not help but to wonder why she is so different from her family and also feels trapped in her relationship. Then her grandmother slips up and mentions that her mom had run out before her wedding. Sarah slowly puts it together that both her grandmother and mother had slept with a man named Beau Burroughs. She sets out to meet him and hopefully find some answers to questions that might help her figure out her own life.

The basic story is an interesting concept; however the movie fails to fully execute it in a way that will be memorable. The twists the movie takes leave you not really caring about Sarah (Aniston) as she tramples on people and is overall weak, whiney, and afraid to make her on choices. You do feel for Jeff (Ruffalo) Sarah’s fiancé as she basically tosses him aside. The one shining light of the movie is Shirley MacLaine who plays none other than the Mrs. Robinson character. Every scene she is in she completely steals. The film wasn’t a disaster even though you probably won’t remember it in a day; but the DVD release is. There is nothing except the trailer; but I guess we all know what that means expect a special edition in a few months.

Review by Kathy Marsh