School for Scoundrels

School for Scoundrels

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Running Time: 
107 Minutes

To read Baron’s theatrical review of School For Scoundrels, click the title of the movie above.  Now the one difference between this movie and the one Baron reviewed is that this version is unrated. I’ve seen some mixed reviews of this movie and seem that you either get this kind of humor or you don’t. So my advice is if you hated Old School you will probably hate this too.

Now on to what the DVD has to offer. There is commentary by the director & writer and the theatrical trailer. For those that want more you have an alternate ending (which is actually pretty good), a gag reel (filled with flubbed lines, ad libs, face making, and people tripping), and “The making Of You Didn’t See On TV” (1/2 and hour with cast & crew interviews). A pretty good release for a pretty funny movie.

Review by BT Wood