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Tuesdays @ 8PM ET
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

“Selfie” is a comedy sitcom that will be making its debut on ABC starting September 30 and can be seen every Tuesday at 8pm. The show revolves around Eliza (Karen Gillan), a social media celebrity that also works as a saleperson for a medical product company. Everything is going perfectly in her life until an incident on a plane turns everything upside down. Feeling lonely and down on her luck, she seeks the help of Henry (John Cho), who is an expert at market rebranding. Can Henry help Eliza and will her life ever be the same again? You’ll have to watch the show if you want to find out.
This is one of the more obscure premises for a show I have heard in a while, but the sad reality for some people in this world filled with social media. Eliza is a poor Paris Hilton clone, but with less talent and worse acting skills making her difficult for me to connect with. As horrible a human being as she is on the show made me show no mercy for her and felt she deserved every that happened for her. As for Henry, I was a bit disappointed because John Cho is one of my all-time favorite Asian actors and was displeased with seeing him play a stereotypical uptight Asian with no emotion. He is a better actor that is far above anything this show can offer.
The jokes were very juvenile and the plot was very predictable. I did not enjoy watching this show and I think there are better shows out there that are more worth your time. The characters were unrelatable, unnatural, and hard to show sympathy for. I had low expectations for “Selfie” and didn’t think even those were met. For those reasons, I am giving this show a “D-.”

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Maria Jackson's picture

I saw this too, but I have to say I really enjoyed its bubbly flair. It's a cute, modern take on "My Fair Lady" and I was delighted by Cho's performance as the judgy Henry. A different role for him using a different style of comedy and I think he truly delivered. I have my doubts about Gillian, but I won't write her off yet.

The pilot wasn't everything it should have been, but I see so much potential in mining the original material and meshing it with today's technology. Gillian's character was a little too naïve and self centered to be believable, but I do think that will change as her character progresses.

I look forward to see where "Selfie" is going.