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Wicked Blood
Sherlock Original TV Soundtrack-Music From Series Three

Sherlock Original TV Soundtrack-Music From Series Three

(David Arnold and Michael Price)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Sherlock Original TV Soundtrack-Music From Series Three starts off kind of strange. Track one: How It Was Done is an interesting tune that has an almost NES type feel to it. I can totally see this being part of the soundtrack to the Double Dragon video game or something. I was a bit weirded out by it to be honest. 
As the album continues on we get a lot of diverse tracks that really define the series by taking all the aspects of what has made Sherlock such a hit. You have a current feel to the music. For example, the duo’s use of Dubstep on track 11 “Stag Night”. Then you have a track like “A Waltz For John and Mary which makes you think of the Civil War era, which in all honesty it could have been used for that, I‘m behind on my Sherlock. 
More aspects of the music are highlights such as the use of technology one the show. I remember practically having a heart attack when Sherlock used his fingers to draw an LED read out in the air to study the facts. You can also say the themes of past and present fit within the music as well since this is an updated version of a character from yesteryear. 
There are a lot of moody upswings and downturns as well. Vanishing Underground was an interesting track as it starts off kind of subtle and quiet and builds into this epic track that just takes off. Lazarus is an inspiring sounding track that makes you see exactly as is described, our hero standing up from being knocked down and shaking it off. Very low key with an ominous presence. Then you have the end credits which scream Radiohead to me for some reason. 
The soundtrack is off the charts in style and sound. I’m a big soundtrack nut though and David Arnold and Michael Price deliver a great one in Sherlock Series 3. Good stuff all around. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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