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Sloppy the Psychotic

Sloppy the Psychotic

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Running Time: 
76 minutes


Some might say that Mike (played by Mike O'Mahony) doesn’t have the best of lives. He's an adult that still lives at home with his parents and the only job he has is as a clown for children’s parties. Made fun of by the people that hire him, beat up by his peers, and a disappointment to his parents is the every day norm for Mike but being Sloppy makes him happy. After getting fired and loosing the only joy in his life, Mike snaps and finds a new joy, killing. Dressed as Sloppy the Clown; Mike goes around town killing anyone that has done him wrong and anyone that he happens to see. Now Sloppy the Psychotic is on the rampage no one is safe.

Sloppy the Psychotic might be a low budget film but it has acting of a no budget student film. Mike O'Mahony plays the main character of Sloppy and though the acts he commits (namely all the murders) would make for a scary person, his performance was not. I didn't think that Sloppy was scary, terrifying, or even funny, he was just a sick character doing sick things. All of the actors in this movie give a performance that's shoddy at best. I wasn't expecting an award winning movie but having at least one of the actors give a performance that didn't sound like they were just saying the lines for the first time might have made the movie a tad bit better.

Nothing really original in the plot has been added to Sloppy the Psychotic. It's a movie about a guy who’s a clown that goes crazy and kills people. There are a lot of movies, shorts, books, and stories that are based around crazy killer clowns. A lot of people have a fear of clowns because they are a little creepy looking so making one that is crazy and a killer seems like a natural thing. So much so that it's been done over and over again, which only makes watching this movie one that tries to be something it's not, good and scary.

If you like movies that feature demented themes with senseless death than you might actually like this movie. It's a dark movie with a lot of death scenes, lots of gore, and some shocking death scenes that I wasn't expecting to see. The name gives some slight hint at how the story will go but it's not enough to let you know that this movie is basically a movie about killing and nothing else.


There are parts of this movie that didn't make sense where parts of the story are left out. Why was Mike being picked on? I don’t' know why. He's shown running into the guy that picks on him but it's never explained why he picks on Mike. Maybe it's because he's a clown but considering that there is a company that Mike works for that hires other clowns than why is he the one being picked on? Plus this part of the story seems to go a little far in how much that guy dislikes Mike but at no time are we told why and if so I missed that completely. Some of the scenes are too long and need to be shorter because they run on to the point of dragging my interest down even more than it already was. It took too long to get to the point of the movie and when it did get to where he was crazy and killing everyone there was no other story to be told. Then when they get around to having the reason of the movie it turned into a movie about killing with no story as too why he picked the people he did or any other reason or rhyme.

Sloppy the Psychotic was a very slow and what felt like a long movie, even though it's just over an hour long. It takes too long to get to the core point of the movie, the killing, and what is shown is boring and slow.

There are some movies that can have a bad plot, amateur acting, and boring dialog but still be somewhat ok because it has good camera work. Sloppy the Psychotic is not one of those movies. This movie offers no new camera angle, no new filter, or any sort of camera work that would make the look of the scene have a better impact. Instead what I watched is a movie that used way too many medium shots, not enough moving or panning shots, and nothing that caught my attention. All the angles used in this movie are from the book and though they tried to make some of the death scenes look real by offering a different angle it was only just enough change to keep from seeing that he wasn't really killing anyone. The way this movie looks is that it was shot really fast with no extended thought put into what the scene was going to look like on the screen.

Ok, no CGI was used in this movie but there are what some would call special effects. I won't be calling them that, what I saw was some clothes stained with some red liquid that's supposed to be blood and camera bad camera angles to try to make it look like it's real but it don't. How this movie looks is what a movie would look like if someone used their home camcorder or one of the new DSLR's that has the video option and shot a movie. It looks too real because there's no color editing been used on it. The lighting at times is too bright, then it's cloudy out where the picture looks like a cloudy day, and when it was night it was like I was standing on the deck there where shadows cover up a lot of area.

Sloppy the Psychotic is one of those movies that I would say don't even bother watching. That is unless you are someone that does like movies about killing then you might considering renting it but for anyone else looking for a movie that has a good story, that's scary, or will entertain, this is not it.


Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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