Star Trek

Star Trek

In Theatres: 
May 08, 2009
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 6 Minutes

Fringe, another project of J.J. Abrahams' featured Clint Howard who claimed to be the son of Spock in the episode titled The Road Not Taken, which also happens to share another theme with the film.

With the disappointment of Star Wars Episodes I-III and the failure that was Serenity its been quite a while since sci-fi geeks like myself have been able to champion a film that transcends all genres of film as well as reach out to a vast variety of people. What director J.J. Abrahams manages with the rebooting of the space western known as Star Trek is nothing short of amazing. Love, action, drama, action, science fiction, action. Its got it all.

The first thing your going to find is that space is a completely different world matching up only to the original trilogy of Star Wars films that came out in the 70’s and early 80's. There is no technicolored traces of playful color or child like alien characters to provoke a chuckle. Everything has a tint human touch to it removing its texture from that of the CGI world we’ve come to know. The detail of spaceships looks used and beat up and alive and the planets and environments of said planets leave little doubt that what you are seeing is absolutely real. Your mind might tell you that its not but the part of your mind that allows you to suspend disbelief is given full control with just an onslaught of everything that you see. For me, the texture of the film is what everything before it should have looked like following the original Star Wars trilogy.

While I had my doubts about the actors they chose to fill in the roles all my doubt quickly faded. The film manages to take the personalities of the original characters and their catch phrases and their mannerisms and puts them out there without the slightest hint of novelty. To me that was great because with as many films that have been remade someone is always trying to pay homage to the original material and nine times out of ten it just cheapens the experience. Kudos for making it work. While I felt the only character that really achieved the look of their original counterpart was Zachary Quinto the story arc manages to give reason for dismissal. Yet another smart maneuver.

My qualms with the film? For the most part this is an action film and instead of an intellectual conclusion its pretty much an action ending which doesn’t necessarily take away from the film but leaves you just a tad bit unsatisfied with the use of the films enemies and their technology. Its easy to allow this problem a pass as this is the first, hopefully of many, in the franchise and for the most part what you have is introduction. With that being said the film does carry enough substance as well as action to balance out the story. No doubt J.J. Abrahams Star Trek will go down in the books as the re-birth of sci-fi. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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