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Stolas: Living Creatures

Living Creatures

Release Date: 
Thursday, March 14, 2013

The band known as “Stolas” formed in Las Vegas, Nevada around 2011. I would describe their sound as a mix between P.O.D., The Mar Volta, and Korn. Their latest album, “Living Creatures” was released back in March and it nicely showcases their talent. These guys do a great job of mixing modern rock with a nostalgic feel.

The instrumentals were awesome and the pacing of the album was just right. The drum play and the guitar riffs were very impressive and were more than enough to make any person feel like they are in a mosh pit. From beginning to the end of the album, “Living Creature” was full of raw energy and never slowed down. Each song was methodically well-crafted and their song choices really set them apart from other bands in the industry today.

The only minor issue I could find were some of the vocals. The areas where they were screaming their lungs out were emotional, but hard to understand. The portions of the album where they were singing and not screaming were more impressive and something they should have stuck to because the normal vocals were surprisingly really good. However, the overall lyrics on the album were memorable and their use of metaphors and imagery made the difference. My favorite songs on the album were “Circuit Theory,” “Our last night on Earth,” and “Destroyer.” Overlooking the screaming, I do recommend checking this album and for those reasons, I am giving “Living Creature” a “B.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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