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The Disparrows: Making Others Rich

Making Others Rich

(The Disparrows)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013
My first round with The Disparrows’ Making Others Rich album and I found myself feeling nostalgic for bands like The Rolling Stones, Collective Soul, and even, at the slightest, Pink Floyd. Later I kind of scratched my head as the album got a little lighter, but nevertheless, coming back to the album the next day I found myself enjoying it as a whole more and more.
The first few tracks really sound influenced by music that I know and love; The juke joint piano playing along in the background, the rock and roll swagger of lead singer Daniel Weber that kind of stretches from Mick Jagger to Chris Robinson, and the way in which the band simply embraces rock and roll as a whole, mixing varying degrees of the genre into their music unashamedly. It’s music done in the old school fashion were artists were inspired, worked hard to hone their craft, and got out there to make a name for themselves the hard way, paying their dues and living or dying by their reputation.
My only thought on the album is that it would have worked a bit better in reverse. Start with the lighter stuff and slowly work its way down the line to the meatier material. That’s just me. Regardless, the band manages to bring the face of rock and roll to the forefront with their sound, kind of like a time between the early seventies and mid eighties. What’s even more amazing is how big the bands sound is when there are only three members. Well worth checking out. 


AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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