The Kill Point

The Kill Point

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

John Leguizamo, how I will always remember you for that awful role you had as Luigi in that Super Mario Bros. movie, that is, until now.  Rarely do I watch cable television dramas. They tend to be shallow and don’t really develop into anything interesting. Spike TV is that one of the last places I would look for a show but The Kill Point proves me wrong, presenting a nonstop action drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Leguizamo plays an Iraqi veteran, Mr. Wolf, who decides to rob a bank along with other members of his squad. Contending with him is negotiator Horst Cali (Donnie Wahlberg) who attempts to get through the event with as little conflict as possible.

Right from the first episode, you are thrown into the action. Things are constantly unfolding and while there are no real cliffhangers, the story will keep you wanting more. There are multiple stories unfolding at once, all revolving around the bank. The thing seems to be more like an extended movie rather than a series. You definitely notice the characters develop as the heist lingers on. Both Leguizamo and Wahlberg are excellent. Tobin Bell who is famous for his role as Jigsaw from the Saw series makes an appearance as well, playing a businessman whose daughter is one of the hostages.

Overall, the series was excellent. The audience is engulfed into the characters and stories. Even though some of the situations are cliché and predictable, it all comes together and makes a great series. Included on both disks are interviews with practically the entire main cast. Some were interesting and some were not, focusing on multiple points of the show, behind-the-scenes stuff, etc. The Kill Point is definitely worth checking out as it will keep you entertained for hours. I highly suggest either picking this one up or renting it.

Matt Rodriguez
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