The Tenth Circle

The Tenth Circle

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Running Time: 
89 minutes
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Laura is a college professor that teaches about Dante’s Inferno. She is struggling with the fact that her husband isn’t as passionate and free as he was in their younger years. Daniel gave up his unsteady artistic life when he & Laura had their daughter Trixie. Now he stays at home and works on drawing graphic novels and to be there for Trixie while Laura is teaching. Neither is ready for what was coming.

Trixie has her heart broken when her boyfriend breaks up with her suddenly. Together with her best friend Trixie decides to make him jealous at a party by flirting with different guys. And it seems to work. Later that nite when Trixie returns home she tells her father she was raped by her ex. This sets in motion a series of events that put Trixie and her family in the spotlight that will either make them stronger as a family or tear them apart.

You are lead through a story with tons of twists and turns. As the lies start to unravel you are not quite sure where they will stop. Britt Robertson is impressive as Trixie; she pulls off victim where you can feel for her at times and cold & calculating at other times where you just aren’t sure what to believe. Kelly Preston and Ron Eldard also pull their weight as caring parents that are devastated by what their daughter is going through and also working on their own marriage problems.

This movie is based off of a book; unfortunately I have not read it. I wish that I had though. While the story is deep and really delves into a horrible event and how it affects people, by the end there are a lot of loose ends and left me wanting more closure from the story. I’m not sure if the book did the same or not; but I may have to pick up a copy anyway to see if it elaborates on what happens to the family any more. If there had been a little more of the after-story added to this movie there would be a higher grade. But even without that this is a touching drama that I think many can relate to at least one of the characters.

Review by Pandora
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