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The Villains: Velocity


(The Villains)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I’ve been thrown off before by a bands name but I was completely taken by surprise with The Villains. Suspecting something on the lines of grudge, punk, or metal with such a name as Villains, I was not prepared to hear country music being played. Not being the biggest country music fan I had to listen to this album more times than I cared for. Country music is usually droll, boring, and sounds more like someone giving me a lecture instead of telling me a story. However, The Villains also surprised me with being a band that plays country music that has an undercurrent of rock to it.
Velocity has 12 tracks on it that has mixed country and rock together. Some of the songs I liked how the band gave a quick beat to a country song but they also kept in the core sound of country. It’s because of this mixture that I couldn’t quite place where to rank this album. It’s not a full on country album but it doesn’t quite have enough rock in it to be rock. Then with how the songs change where one track will be a full country song, the next one that’s half country/half rock, then one that has more rock then country in it had me wondering what I was going to hear next. On the first time I listened to the album the unknown factor of what was going to play next worked but once I was on the third time of listening it was a more distracting then anything else.
The Villains have some talent and skill with building a song but they also sound like they are trying to figure out what they want to play. What I heard on Velocity was a group that has learned how to play instruments, possibly played cover songs to build on their playing skills, and now they have been working to create their own music but they haven’t figured out exactly what their sound will be. Velocity sounds more like a test or experiment album for the band where they are putting out these songs that change in beats, tempos, going from country to a rock/country song, and then are going to figure out which one might suit them best. The songs have the typical loss and pain that country music has that makes it sad as well as the upbeat that rock has to make them fun while being sung with some decent vocals. This album will be one that I think a fan of country music will really enjoy, and I think that The Villains will grow to become a band with some talent, but for me Velocity was still a country music album that only held a mild amount of enjoyment in it.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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