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Toriko: Part 3


Part 3
On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Toriko and Komatsu, along with The Gourmet Hunters, travel to a land called Ice Hell to taste Century Soup. As you can imagine the land is well named. There the heroes must face off against giant beasts, harsh weather, and more GT Robots. Komatsu finds a little friend.

Not much has changed in the world of Toriko. Fierce battles ensue, foods so awesome you wish they actually existed are on display, and Toriko continues to grow more powerful as new challenges force him to become stronger. Komatsu is still hanging in there providing great comic relief moments and his chef skills are increasing.

Still not completely sold on the stats display for monsters. Komatsu is no longer providing commentary on why and how the monsters in the show are leveled, but it’s still pretty pointless to provide that information to the audience, our heroes defeat the beasts with relative ease.

The great thing about this volume of Toriko episodes is that Toriko is given a run for his money. Unlike the previous volumes where we find Toriko facing off against some pretty powerful beasts and beating them after being tossed around a bit, Toriko doesn’t come out of this one completely unscathed. It was also fun to see Komatsu land the role of solo adventurer, kind of.

While the show still remains pretty routine this chapter in the Toriko universe was pretty fun. I’m looking for to seeing what happens at their next location and to see how the story turns out for the rest of the Gourmet Hunters tagging along for the ride with their all important causes. Should be a pretty cool follow up. 

AJ Garcia
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