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Wedding Band (PREVIEW)

Let me say sorry before I even start.  I can’t help but categorize Brian Austin Green as lame.  It’s hard for me to take him seriously.  I can only think about him being the rapping/DJ kid in 90210.  I don’t care if he’s married to Megan Fox or not.  Now, on to the review…

Wedding Band is a television sitcom based on a wedding band by the name of “Mother of the Bride”.   Brian Austin Green plays the lead role of Tommy.  He is the bad-boy type and also the front-runner in the band.  Even though the show centers on Tommy and his band members playing for weddings, the show is not necessarily about what they do but more about whom they are. 

The rest of the gang has interesting stories to make the show more dynamic.  Harold Perrineau (known for his role in the HBO series “Oz”) plays Stevie.  He’s the most professional when it comes to being a band member but never quite made it big due to his commitment issues.  Eddie (Peter Cambor) is the married, committed man with great kids.  He has to juggle hanging with his single band members and having a successful family life.  Derek Miller plays Barry, the bands drummer and also Eddie’s brother.

The show seems a bit quirky, borderline weird.  Not sure if this show will make it.  The cast doesn’t quite feel connected.  We are supposed to believe that some of the band members actually know each other for a bit of time and I don’t see it just yet.  Most people would like to watch a TV show that they can relate to directly or relate to because they want to live the life portrayed on their television screen.  I can’t imagine dreaming to be a wedding band singer and crash wedding parties every weekend.

Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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