>> AM Conspiracy: Self-Titled (2009)

Parental Advisory

Artist: AM Conspiracy

Album: AM Conspiracy

Members: Jason Jones, Dean Andrews, Kenny Harrelson, Drew Burke, Rob DeHaven

Genre: Metal, Rock

Label: Burnhill Union

Tracks: 14

Release Date: December 10, 2009

Discs: 1

Rating: 3.11 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B

Official Site

If you are looking for a new heavy metal/punk band to listen to that is a virtual unknown then look no further, AM Conspiracy is the band for you. After doing some looking on the world wide web, I found hardly no information on them but not that it matters since all that counts with a band is their music not their history. 

With that little bit of soap box standing, I listened to AM Conspiracy’s first CD, AM Conspiracy. First off, the whole naming the CD after the band is just old and is annoying and this is no exception to that for me. Now aside from not liking the name of the CD there are the songs. Ok, that sounds like the songs are bad as well but really they’re not. With the exception of the first song ‘Revolution’ which just sounds like the band is some local bar band belting out a heavy metal song. The vocals on ‘Revolution’ are harsh and rough on the ears. The way the song sounds it’s as if AM Conspiracy were trying to imitate what a heavy metal song would sound like by pounding on the instruments while having vocals that are just a grunting tone to them.

Once I got over the hump of listening to that first song I found that my first thoughts based on that first song were not going to fit with the rest of the CD. AM Conspiracy might not have played that first song that well but the other 13 songs they make up for it by having songs with good vocals and being backed by instruments that are full of the energy and drive that make a heavy metal song good. 

What’s impressive with AM Conspiracy is that they have shown on this CD that they can play more than just some fast moving, yelling songs that make up a heavy metal song. They have a range of sounds in their songs that reminds me of some of the better bands from the 1990’s that broke out the rock metal sound. The one thing that I like the most about the songs is that I don’t have to try to wonder what is being said in the vocals. Sure, at times it does get a bit difficult to understand but for the most part it’s clear what is being sung by Jason “Gong” Jones. For a first CD, AM Conspiracy has all the ingredients that make up for a good band, vocals that are strong, instruments that have the power to be a metal band without being banged on, and having the two blend well together without stepping on each other. With some more playing AM Conspiracy has the potential to be a really good band.


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