>> Bee Gees: The Ultimate Bee Gees (2009)

Artist: Bee Gees

Album: The Ultimate Bee Gees

Members: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Mauridce Gibb

Genre: DJ/Dance, Other, Pop, Rock

Label: Rhino

Tracks: 38

Type: Box Set

Release Date: November 3, 2009

Discs: 3

Rating: 4.31 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A

Official Site

The 2 famous songs that are movies.

If you''ve been living under a rock, born after the 80's, or just don't listen to music then you would know that 2 of the most famous songs of the Bee Gees are also the same titles as 2 movies, Stayin' Alive and Night Fever.

Disco, yep I said it, disco and that’s exactly what I’m writing a review on right now. Not only is it disco but it’s the band that is one of the best known bands for disco, Bee Gees. The Bee Gees have been around since the 1960’s playing disco, pop, and even a little soft rock style music with such a way that they are very well known. In all the years that the Bee Gees has been around they have had both good times and bad times but now after all those times here is the Ultimate Bee Gees CD/DVD.

I’m not a huge fan of the Bee Gees though I know a bunch of their songs and the ones I do know I like a lot. Even though with the knowledge that the Bee Gees have been around for a long, that they are well known, and that they have put out a lot of songs I really only know a handful. Being famous for songs such as Staying Alive, Tragedy, Jive Talkin’, and Night Fever a lot of their songs are not known about. That can now change though with the CD/DVD The Ultimate Bee Gees. Coming out with 2 CD’s holding 40 songs and a DVD that has 18 videos anyone that has no knowledge, a little knowledge, or even a major fan can hear a whole lot more of the Bee Gees.

With only knowing a few Bee Gees songs I actually was glad to get a real chance to listen to more of their work. What I found though is that a lot of their songs really are just mediocre songs yet even on just a somewhat ok song it’s still a good song to listen to. What make the Bee Gees so good even with the mediocre songs, are the vocals. There is no other band or person that I know of that can hit the levels that the Bee Gees do on some of their songs. Just take Stayin’ Alive for example. Here’s a song that when is being sung has a high pitch tone to it yet it’s even throughout the song and at no time does it sound band. Now this is not the case with all the songs but the vocal talent that the band has is what makes them so good and also so well known. Not only are the vocals good but the instruments have that groovy sound of the 60’s and 70’s that just make you want to sway while you dance.
All the songs have this easy beat to them that is just fun to listen to. Even with the songs that are slower and are about love, which pretty much all of Bee Gees songs is about some sort of love or woman in one form or another, but even with the slower songs there is this fun energy to them. Out of all the songs, even the ones that I thought wasn’t on the same level as Stayin’ Alive, were still fun to listen to.

What I liked the most though about this 3 disc set is the DVD. Here is a DVD that has on it 18 videos that range from the years 1960’s to 1997. The videos are not of the best quality nor are they really that good as far as following along with the songs. However, they are so retro that they are good. I found myself sitting there for that little over an hour watching this DVD listening to the songs and just having a blast watching these old videos that I’ve never seen before. Biggest impact that the DVD has though is getting to see these guys when they were young. For me I really only know them from the way they looked from the late 1980’s on up till now. Seeing them from 1967 was a shocker on how they looked. All I have to say about the videos and the way the Bee Gees dressed is that thankfully they started in the 1960’s because otherwise there is no way the look of the big turtleneck sweater and pleaded pants would go over in the music video of today.

Regardless though of the look they had in the early years and the quality of the videos, the Ultimate Bee Gees CD/DVD is just a really fun CD/DVD to listen/watch. And as a plus, the set includes a booklet inside the cover that has a few pages of photos and history of the band. 



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