>> Company of Thieves: Running from a Gamble (2011)

Artist: Company of Thieves

Album: Running from a Gamble

Members: Genevieve Schatz, Marc Walloch, Chris Faller, Marcin Sulewski

Genre: Pop, Rock

Label: Wind-Up

Tracks: 13

Release Date: May 17, 2011

Discs: 1

Rating: 2.83 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B-

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Chicago based band ‘Company of Thieves’ has created their second album entitled “Running from a Gamble”. This bands style of music is a indie pop/pop rock style music with a female lead vocals. There’s a good amount of songs to listen to on the album with 13 songs and a listening time of 51 minutes. Which is a decent amount of time for an album, long enough to stay interesting but not too long where I became bored with listening to it.

Right off from the start I was impressed with the sound of ‘Company of Thieves’. Genevieve Schatz has a very sensual voice that gives these songs an enchanting sound to them. At times her voice would go a little deep but it fits the songs when it happens, the rest of the time she is producing a very fun female voice to the songs. It’s this voice that makes the songs have the energy they do, which in turns allows me to hear the fun in the songs as well as have fun while listening to them. Though with some songs I would have liked them more if there wasn’t that twang that appears in them. All this sound brings up for me when hearing it is that the band has had to have their songs go through a lot of audio editing. That also makes me wondering if they had to have the editing then just how well do they play?

Though there is that underthought of having to have the songs edited, there is talent there in the band. I can overlook the twang on the few songs that I heard it in because the rest of the songs are being played well with the instruments as well as the vocals. There’s a lot of fun being put into these songs which comes out in the sound. 'Company of Thieves' also does an good job at not giving the same sound in their songs throughout the whole album making the sound stay fresh enough to listen to. Add in the clear sound of the lyrics in the vocals making the songs eaily understood, “Running from a Gamble” ended up being a decent, fun, well sounding album to listen to.


better live than recorded!

It's funny you should mention your thoughts on the band's ability to produce album-quality music live. I actually found out about this band when I heard them as openers as a concert I attended in '08. They are, quite frankly, even better live than on album. All the members are quality musicians with passion and enthusiam that makes their infectious music even more exciting. :-)

definitely one of my favorites

company of thieves has got to be one of my favorite bands. i've seen them live four times and i still can't get enough. running from a gamble is amazing, i can't believe their FYE promotion! for sure got my free copy of the album. so excited to see them again live

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