>> ERRA: Impulse (2011)

Artist: Erra

Album: Impulse

Members: Adam Hicks, Garrison Lee, Jesse Cash, Alan Rigdon, Alex Ballew

Genre: Metal

Label: Tragic Hero Records

Tracks: 10

Type: Digital

Release Date: November 30, 2011

Discs: 1

Rating: 0.50 (out of 4.00)

Grade: F

Official Site

Yet another -core band, yet another waste of talent. Sure, my personal distaste for screaming is coloring this review, but that’s what reviews are: other opinions on randomly assigned stuff.

The musicianship of the members of ERRA is apparent on this, their first LP. Impulse is full on metal when it comes to the music. Soaring, grinding guitars and rapid fire drumming and thumping base lines. And when Jesse Cash sings, mostly confined to the chorus, it completes a fantastic sound. Even the lyrics of their songs are well put together. And then Garrison Lee gets to growling and screaming all over the place and ruins absolutely everything.

Really, I could easily see myself liking, perhaps even loving this band, except for the screaming. It makes me want to drive daggers deep into my ears and pray to all the gods of all the faiths that have ever been worshipped by man or beast that I never have to hear it again. Luckily, a simpler solution presents itself and I just turn it off.

Perhaps there is a place for music like this. Maybe one day, if I’m in an alley kicking the shit out of a guy over a drug deal gone bad and I’m totally losing it, just going crazy, punching and kicking, I’ll think to myself, “You know, I think some ERRA would really go well with this moment.” and I’d answer back, “You might be right. It’s a shame we deleted it after listening to it for that review.” And then I’d go back to bludgeoning another human being to death.

That isn’t to say that the guys in ERRA are supporting the murdering of people in poorly lit alleys. I mean, they have a Facebook page, and murderers don’t have Facebook pages. Except Dexter, and let me tell you, in some distant future when an Internet archaeologist discovers the digital remnants of Facebook, they’ll just shake their heads out of pity and tell each other, “Clearly their culture was doomed long before the third great war. Look at how many fans this psychopath had!” The concept of a television show will be completely lost on their 25th century minds. Bidi-bidi-bidi indeed, Twiki. Bidi-bidi-bidi.

Part of me wants so much to give this album a decent score, but the part of me that is writhing in the corner, crying and clawing as his ears as they slowly bleed him to the sweet solace of deafness wins out and I have to give it a big fat F.

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Im disappointed in both your review and the website's decision to give you this album to review. You can't compare the quality of an album where there are screaming vocals in it to something that doesn't. It is a genre of music. And your reviews are supposed to inform people about the qualities and the downfalls of a record. Being a journalism major, and being someone who actually wants to write publicly about music, I am disgusted by this review, especially the last half. Pure garbage.

You don't know what you are

You don't know what you are talking about.

im laughing hard..... ERRA

im laughing hard.....



Did Shakefire pay you for review this? EY! WHOEVER HELL HIRED THIS GUY, CAN YOU HIRE ME TOO?

Nah, this review was epic. Epicly shitty. If you hate their screamer then you hate a lot of really good low-pitch screamers from hardcore/metal bands, no ?

Come on dude, chill the fuck out. They're incredible.


You should have gone against your instinct and given this album at the very least an "A." You have admitted to letting your individual aversion to screaming cloud your review. I'll chalk up the fact that you gave this an album "a big fat F" as being due to your hearing going progressively downhill since 1974. Listening to music with an objective ear is not a crime, Sir.


hahahahaha ur such a faggot dude. don't review this kind of music if you don't listen to the genre. Its like giving someone who listens to only rap, Carnifex's new CD Until I Fell Nothing. which is NOTHING close to rap. and don't say you are use to this genre cuz ur not just admit it. if you still believe you are, then ur mind is playing tricks on you.

I give your review a -10 out of 10

I give your review a -10 out of 10

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