>> John MuLaney: New In Town (2012)

Artist: John MuLaney

Album: New In Town

Genre: Comedy

Label: Comedy Central Rec.

Tracks: 19

Release Date: January 31, 2012

Discs: 1

Rating: 3.96 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A

Do you like to laugh? If that answer is yes, which in all reality it should always be yes, then the CD “New In Town” of John Mulaney will be something that might peak your interest. I’ve never heard of the comedian before, not that means much considering how many pop up these days, but I’m glad that I did get the chance to hear his comedy routine. John Mulaney does the style of comedy that I like the most, making fun of himself as he tells about his normal every day to day being odd.

John Mulaney’s humor is nothing new in the world of comedy but he’s able to make it work for him allowing the same jokes to be funny. His style of comedy is more of a story that ends up being funny, which makes him all the more funny while listening. During the time I was listening to the CD I wasn’t thinking that this was a comedy act or some set of jokes but rather a little fun, funny journey that I was being taken on by John Mulaney. Right from the opening with the bit about the quicksand while being a kid had me laughing out loud. From that point on the laughter continue to roll out of my mouth and there were even a few moments that I let out a snort.

So what makes John Mulaney so funny? He made me picture everything he was saying like I was seeing it for myself. Which is actually a huge help for a comedian that is doing a stand up routine on a CD because sometimes those jesters and facial expressions can and will make some jokes even funnier. We don’t get to have that experience when listening to a CD but I didn’t really need it while listening to “New In Town”. John Mulaney also adds to the jokes because it sounds as if he’s having fun as he’s telling the jokes. I know most comedians know how to tell a joke but after telling them over and over again their routines get a little stale and that staleness comes over in the jokes making them less funny.

John Mulaney does not have that on this CD. Another good point about his routine is that he wasn’t all over the place. He stayed on track with his stories, though once he was finished he was off in another direction, it wasn’t until he was finished with the one he was on that he started with another. Sounds like it would be a duh statement that I made but there are some comedians that have ruined the jokes because they get distracted by themselves or by the audience and go off on another tangent before getting back to the joke. Though I don’t think John Mulaney’s comedy is on the levels of the greats where I will laugh at the same joke I’ve heard 100 times before, but I think he has the talent to be one that can stand out above others in the business.


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