>> Josh Tatum (2011)

Artist: Josh Tatum

Album: Everything I Need

Members: Josh Tatum

Genre: Other, Pop

Label: SMC Entertainment / Hide Away Entertainment

Tracks: 12

Release Date: November 1, 2011

Discs: 1

Rating: 1.41 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D+

Boring and a bit sappy with very little energy, those are the descriptions that kept popping up in my mind as I listened to “Everything I Need” by Josh Tatum. Twelve songs make up this debut album for this Texas born singer but out of those 12 songs I didn’t hear anything that sounded like he had put himself into the songs. With each song that played what I was hearing was a band that was going through the motions of playing songs. What I should have been hearing is a band that was creating music but there’s nothing in the songs that give me this impression. This is the main reason I got bored with the songs With no emotions getting elicited from me as I listened the songs just sounded bland and too long.
As for the sappy side of my thoughts, that thought comes from when I listened to the vocals being sung by Josh Tatum. His voice just make the songs sound like he’s some love struck teenager who’s writing a poem about the girl across the classroom that he’s in love with. There are a few moments where his vocals actually break away from that whiney sound and start to sound like an actual musician. Those few moments his vocals have a good tone to them, and for one very short moment in “I’m Only Human” he put a little bit of energy into the song. It was this song that awoke me from my daze of disinterest that was then lost again within a few songs.
Josh Tatum has the talent, I can hear it during a few notes but those good moments where he sounds like he is having fun singing get lost in the shuffle of the times he’s whining. Lost in the background are the instruments that sound like they want to be heard but for some reason they’re being overpowered by the vocals. The levels of the instruments needed to be brought up just a little more on some of the songs. When the instruments are heard, like in “Up Close” they’re still overshadowed by Josh Tatums vocals because he sings for the majority of the song leaving no room for the instruments to shine.


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