>> Katy Perry: Teenage Dream (2010)

Artist: Katy Perry

Album: Teenage Dream

Genre: Pop

Label: Capitol

Tracks: 14

Release Date: August 24, 2010

Rating: 2.80 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B-

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1. Teenage Dream (B)
The title track starts off the set with Perry's normal catchy hooks and cutesy yet slightly raspy voice.  It's a decent pop song though it is a little on the slower tempo than it sounds like it is capable of.  Her second single isn't nearly as catchy as her first (see track 3).

2. Last Friday Night (TGIF) (B-)
This one plays more off of her young sounding innocent voice while singing about things that are a bit more innappropriate for teenagers (though still done, obviously).  It's just about as catchy as 'Teenage Dream' and will likely play out as another single.

3. California Gurls (Feat. Snoop) (A)
Her first single.  Catchy as hell and is probably pretty close to a perfect summer pop hook.  For all those that listen to Sirius' Hits 1 channel, you will likely be surprised by the appearance of Snoop Dogg on this track as he is completely missing from their exclusive version.  As much as I hate to say it, it's better without Snoop.

4. Firework (C)

This song starts off with Perry shedding her kiddy sounding voice for a more mature tone in a track that is begging for a club remix.  Showing more vocal range, she may not hit all her marks but the attempt is noted.  As the song goes on, she takes a cue from Rihanna and starts repeating the hell out of syllables which gets annoying but her voice shows a powerful range in this song that I would like to hear in a better context.  Oh yeah, and there is a gnarly saxophone solo, fantastic.

5. Peacock (D+)
This song seems to be an excuse to say "cock" over and over but it ends up sounding more like a Ke$ha song which Katy Perry is light years beyond in talent.  In short, this song is below her.  Just be careful, you will get "Peacock-cock-cock" stuck in your head.

6. Circle the Drain (C+)
This song is a little more spiteful and has more edge to it similar to a P!nk track.  She tears apart some unknown ex who apparently had a problem with drugs.  The break-up angst song of the record but it doesn't quite hit enough as they add in some Styx sounding goofy sound effects.

7. The One That Got Away (B-)
From an angsty good riddance song straight into a sorrow filled broken up song.  The song is sweet and Perry's voice again shows her ability to hit a wider range than most pop stars.

8. E.T. (B-)
The strong drums in this song are good and the chorus is a bit catchy but definetely not enough to be a single.  A step above a filler track but not quite up to par.

9. Who Am I Living For (C-)
This one again evokes P!nk and Rihanna with a little more angst in her voice.  I would love to hear a darker record from Perry, so hopefully her future holds that.  The song has the sound of a late 90s Madonna or Cher track that is, again, aching for a club remix.

10. Pearl (C)
This thing quickly turned into a dance record in the past few tracks but the problem is that the beats aren't quite strong enough to be dance as it's closer to trance than dance club.

11. Hummingbird Heartbeat (C+)
I kind of faded away on this track.  It's a little boring.  It's not BAD, it's just kind of boring.  It's not slow or anything either, it's really hard to pinpoint this one, it just doesn't really work.

12. Not Like the Movies (B-)

Perry closes out her CD, proper, with a slower ballad.  Whether this was a good choice or not is really up to your own judgment but it felt a little lackluster as it should have been capped by another strong song like it started.  Not to say this song is bad but it's a little more emo than I was wanting from Perry.

Now these last two tracks, I'm really not clear if they are on the release or not as they are not shown when scanning the disc through amazon or Best Buy but they were sent with it and tagged on to the end.

13. California Gurls (Feat. Snoop Dogg) (N/A)
This track came up blank from the label and didn't say if it was a remix or not so we will just leave this one out, mmkay?

14. Teenage Dream (Kaskade Club Remix) (C+)

Obviously, a remix.  My personal opinion is that it would have been a nice addition to have an entire bonus disc of remixes to spice up the other slower tracks on the album.  This particular remix doesn't really change up enough as the song was already pretty energetic so it's kind of a shame they didn't include more remixes.


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