>> Miggs: Wide Awake (2010)

Artist: Miggs

Album: Wide Awake

Members: Don Miggs, Michael Lombardo, Ryan Scarbrough

Genre: Rock

Label: Rock Ridge Music

Release Date: April 16, 2010

Discs: 12

Rating: 2.35 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

Official Site

Miggs is back after a 5 year hiatus for their newest studio album titled Wide Awake which is filled with a rich narrative tapestry inspired by the comings and goings of life itself as well the musical journeymen that have paved the way.

Miggs? Miggs? Why doesn’t that ring a bell. Well the band has been around since 2002 in various incarnations but for the life of me they just do not cause any blips on my life’s musical radar. As I listened to their newest album “Wide Awake” two things popped into my mind. One was that this album had some very honest and telling lyrics on it. I read that lead singer Don Miggs sings his son to sleep while playing guitar and that the track Incredibly Close was inspired by one of these bedtime sessions. Number two was while Miggs does have an incredibly potent skill with words the band seems to be trapped decades behind as far as musical style goes. Miggs can be heard in any bar in the U.S. or garages in select suburban neighborhoods. Its not a raw sound but rather a distinct one that comes from guys just coming together and throwing some things around until they get it presentable. Their sound is not breaking any boundaries which holds back the overall strength of the album. I think of bands like Del Amitri or The Refreshments that enjoy a steady fan base but fail to become household names.

Wide Awake starts off strong with Let The Games Begin which has a catchy little chorus in it but ultimately reminds me of possibly a song that fell of the short end of The Wedding Singer Soundtrack. Girls and Boys, the following track has a slight post punk sound to it reminiscent of The Smiths but only slightly coupled with an early 90’s rock sound, think Candlebox. Track 3, Sincerity, has a definitive U2 sound to it, admittedly by lead singer Dan Miggs. The following track, which Miggs again admittedly says has The Killers written all over, does so maybe in the opening but soon breaks into a very Bon Jovi-ish type of chorus. As for throw outs the only song on the album that fails complete is Damaged with its repetitiveness that is inescapably off putting. The following track Come Around has some bite to it before the album fades out with some relatively mellow tracks to end out the album. Not my cup of tea but it might be yours so check them out at the links attached to my review and enjoy.

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