>> The Royal Heist: Midnight In The Garden Of Evil (2010)

Artist: The Royal Heist

Album: Midnight In The Garden of Evil

Members: Collin Pulsipher, Charlie Paz, Donato McDermott, Everett Connors

Genre: Rock

Label: 2010 The Royal Heist

Tracks: 11

Type: Digital

Release Date: April 20, 2010

Rating: 3.79 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B+

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Did You Know?

The record features production work by Mykul Lee (Oh No Not Stereo) and Max Coane (Jack’s Mannequin, The Rocket Summer, The Bronx)

Wow, don’t be afraid when you start up The Royal Heist’s new album Midnight In The Garden Of Evil, Lock and Load, the albums first track, only appears to be a nod to 80’s hair metal, especially in the chorus. That vibe rolling in on their second track as well. Its not really until the albums third track, Gallows, that you get your first really good look at the high energy insanity of The Royal Heist. It’s a bit muddled sound-wise for a bit  with everything kind of coming together in one long blur of sound but lead singer Collin Pulsipher is a ferocious vocalist whose voice is just one of those unique ones that stick in your mind. I’m reminded of  Eric Reed Boucher aka Jello Biafra, The Klaxons, and a dozen other bands I can’t exactly put my finger on at the moment. Pulsipher's range and vocal style is just wide and regardless of delivery its consistently powerful.

At about track six the mix suddenly becomes perfect. All the instruments find their own space and Pulsipher's vocals slip right in-between. Could it be that the album calms a little towards the back half? Maybe. In any case the band really becomes focused and you get a good glimpse at their style. Guitars have a dark resonance to them that really supply a dramatic effect to Pulsipher's already emotionally drenched vocals. Bass is laid out like a fine line seemingly carrying the rest of the bands sound on its back. Drums are straight rock providing a steady rhythm and coming in strong when need be but not the bands strongest point.

The Royal Heist consider themselves a band that would cater to fans of The Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, Kings of Leon, and Dirty Pretty Things. From my personal experience with those bands I would have to say no, a hefty no. That’s not a bad thing though. The Royal Heist actually have their legs planted firmly in place able to stand on their own two feet and don’t really need comparison. Their sound is passionate, strong, lyrically they have depth, and with as talented a lead singer as they have (yes I went there again, just go to their myspace page and judge for yourself) in a few years my guess is that kids making music might compare themselves to The Royal Heist in regard to the sound their trying to produce. While the album itself isn’t perfect, mostly due to what seems a problem with the mix at the front end of the album, it is an album that clearly has staying power. As always final judgment falls to you. I highly recommend in any case. Enjoy.




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