>> Vassy "Beautiful Day"

Artist: Vassy

Album: Beautiful Day

Genre: Pop

Label: Zync Music

Tracks: 13

Discs: 1

Grade: C-

Official Site

 I’d been a fan of Vassy since 2007 when I heard her song “Wanna Fly” being played on commercials. I remember frequently checking her myspace for an album release date, but never finding any updated info. I didn’t expect to hear from her again, but I was delighted when I saw this album in my mailbox.
Featuring a more pop sound than her first album “My Affection”, “Beautiful Day” spawns thirteen very upbeat songs about falling in love, partying on the weekend, and living your dreams. “We Are Young” is the album opener and it is quite the gem! The foot stomps and hand claps reminds me of The Dixie Cups "Iko Iko". 
This is the kind of tune you turn up in your car and you just know will do well on the charts. If “We Are Young” is not the first single, a serious mistake has been made. I also loved “Real Deal”; a song about being yourself and relying on your abilities to make you dreams come true; as well as the aptly titled “Bliss”.
However, outside of these three superb offerings the album didn’t come together to form that necessary ear worm. None of the remaining ten songs got stuck in my head and even after several listens, I just wanted to be done with them so I could move on to the previously mentioned three. In fact, I would check the clock just so I could count the minutes and that is not a good sign.
As I previously stated, I was introduced to Vassy through an advertisement’s use of “Wanna Fly”. Vassy has had great success with television shows and commercial using her music.  According to Wikipedia, Vassy’s music has appeared in campaigns for  “ChevroletHilton HotelsVictoria's SecretESPNKraft FoodsNike, and Diet Sprite; in TV shows such as: Grey's Anatomy(ABC), Human Target (FOX), Suburgatory (ABC), Love Games (Oxygen),The Hills, Bad Girls Club, (MTV) Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) & Ugly Betty (ABC); in the films When in Rome (Disney Movie Trailer), Last Holiday (Paramount Pictures), Powder Blue (Blue Snow Productions); and in video games such as: FIFA (EA Sports) and The Sims.”
Despite the fact I can only call myself a part time fan, I have every expectation Vassy will continue find success with such television program and product placements. Many of the songs, for better or worse, sound tailored for just that. They’ll sound great when clipped, but lackluster when you listen to the full track. 
However, one thing that could impede any success is lack of a firm release date. On Vassy's website the latest news say "Beautiful Day" will be released in February 2012. The album isn't even listed on Amazon and the only other information I could find was tweet from Vassy herself saying the album would be released sometime in May.
I would love to hear a more personal album from Vassy with exploration of other emotions or perhaps a stylistic change in the music that reflects her excellent jazz singer voice.


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