>> Bo Burnham: Words Words Words (2010)

Title: Bo Burnham: Words Words Words

Edition: Standard

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Bo Burnham

Studio: Comedy Central

Runtime: 63 minutes

Release Date: October 19, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 2.11 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

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Special Features

Oh Bo and Words, Words, Words music videos

Bo Burnham, a 19 year old comedian, or in his words “prodigy” is a comedian that incorporates music into his routine as well as doing a normal stand up act. For someone being so young he does have a quirk about him that makes him a funny person. His songs are funny, though they are a joke that’s just sung. The jokes are ones that are easy to get because he makes them that way. It’s almost like a one liner only it’s told in a story with a musical beat to them. I do have to give him some credit to being able to sing pretty well and has a good voice, better than some of actual bands I've heard. Even his rap song was done well and had a decent ring to it.

What I wasn’t liking about Bo Burnham “Words Words Words”, is when he would just look at the audience with a odd expression on his face as if he was waiting for them to laugh. Other than him doing these odd looks out on the audience Bo Burnham’s comedy is very punny. Yep, I said it right, he does jokes that can be classified as puns, even in the songs, raps, and I think one might have been a sonnet.
I think he might believe his comedy act is edgy, and at times it is a little, but compared to some other comedians such as George Carlin, Eddie Murphy (when he was young), and Robin Williams (also when he was young), Bo Burnham’s act could be considered to be clean and proper. But he still has some skill, and was able to make some funny haikus, that boarder on being quips. Though I found him to be funny I didn’t think that Bo Burnham was hilarious. At most I was chuckling, a few times a decent laugh, but no belly aching laughter. For me I think Bo Burnham is good for a one time viewing or listening but after that his act seems to just be the same routine again.

Having it being an hour long act his routine did seem to be running on a bit too long. After that first half hour, which is when I found him to be the funniest, the second half hour seemed to be dragging on to me. I was just wondering how much longer it was going to be. This is not a good thing to have for a comedy act, waiting for the time to pass. I think if Bo Burnham can change up his act to more than the songs and the puns he would be a pretty good comedian, at the moment he’s just funny for watching once and then maybe a year later after I’ve forgotten some of his act I would find him funny again.



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