>> Brother's Justice (BLU-RAY) (2011)

Title: Brother's Justice

Edition: Blu Ray and DVD

Genre: Comedy, Documentary

Starring: Dax Shepard, Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, Jon Favreau, Michael Rosenbaum, Nate Tuck

Director: David Palmer and Dax Shepard

Studio: Well Go USA

Runtime: 85 minutes

Release Date: July 12, 2011

Format: BLU-RAY, DVD

Discs: 2

Rating: 2.20 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

Bonus Features

Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Drillin Deep Movie, Trailer

It’s been said that Hollywood is a tough business to be into and that even goes for Dax Shepard who is already been in some movies. After Dax Shepard comes up with this idea to have 2 brothers fighting a biker gang he takes the idea around Hollywood to pitch it in hopes of getting it sold. While him and his buddy Nate Tuck get turned down by John Favreau and having his own agent tell them that the idea is horrible, the duo will not allow anything to stop them from making the movie “Brother’s Justice” and they take us along for the ride as they work out all the kinks of getting a movie made.

This movie “Brother’s Justice” is supposed to be about what it takes to get a movie made while only having the basic idea of the movie to pitch. Though it is made to look like it’s serious where Dax Shepard and Nate Tuck is really trying to get the movie made it’s only a mockumentary of them not know anything of what to do. This shows them sitting around talking to each about how this is a great movie but having no real plot, story, or anything that would make it a movie. Then they take this nothing but a idea to some other well known celebrities in hopes of getting them on board the project to only have them laugh at them and call their idea stupid.

At first this movie started off as being just too stupid for me to really like. Here Dax Shepard tries to be funny and at first he really is not but as the movie progresses it does become a little entertaining. It’s nothing that great and I wouldn’t watch it more than the one time that I did by the end it was just mildly fun to watch. Though it’s easily seen that this mockumentary is scripted and it’s not that great of an acting performance by Dax and Nate. Though the movie is full of some really over the top moments, a lot of corny scenes, and just some pure stupidness it does have it’s moments.

What this movie has going for it is all the cameos that are made from all the other celebrites, like having a fight in the front yard with Bradley Cooper,  having Tom Arnold trying to be the older brother of the film, and then trying to get Ashton Kutcher to sign on to the project. Though Dax Shepard is trying to make this look like he wants to become a martial arts star he shows that in this mockumentary he can make fun of himself and still be funny doing it. During this ride of showing through a hand held camera, we get to see some other very low budget and stupid movies that Dax Shepard tried to make at one point. Watching this is just one moment of I just can’t believe this but it’s funny none the less to watch these guys try to get this movie made in such absurd ways.

It’s a Blu Ray but it’s about the level of what I would see watching some high def television. It looks good but it’s nothing that’s going to make me think it’s the best quality for a Blu Ray. 


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