>> Frat Party (2009)

Title: Frat Party

Genre: Comedy, Teen

Starring: Lauren C. Mayhew, Jesse Jane, Randy Wayne, Jareb Dauplaise, Caroline D'Amore

Director: Robert Bennett

Studio: Anchor Bay

Runtime: 85 minutes

Release Date: December 1, 2009

Format: DVD

MPAA Rating: NR

Rating: 0.30 (out of 4.00)

Grade: F

Oh where to begin on this one. Frat Party is your stereotypical dude film that features nudity, wild partying and more nudity, all based around a plot that is absolutely ridiculous.

Duffy is about to finish his last year of college and will be getting married to his girlfriend on Saturday. Thing is, there's this huge frat party going on Friday night and he wants to go. He thinks he'll have enough time to party it up during the night and make it to the wedding by Saturday morning. By the way, he's in LA and the wedding's in San Francisco.

Duffy (Randy Wayne) acts like some playboy who basically can have any chick he wants, although he does appear that he wants to get married to Adriana. Of course, a cool dude must be accompanied by a bumbling idiot, right? That's where Mac comes in. So the two spend their last night of freedom partying with the boys of the frat house.

All the stereotypical frat parties that have been depicted in film and TV are accounted for. It has the topless hot chicks, the beer pong, and the drunks passed out everywhere. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Porn star Jesse Jane even makes an appearance as herself. Thing is, she isn't even that hot. Probably 90% of the other girls in the film are hotter than her. Naturally, something is bound to go wrong at the party and he's going to be running late for his own wedding of course.

As far as plot is concerned, the film is ridiculous. Towards the end of the film, Duffy misses the wedding (surprise!) and Adriana marries some Italian dude named Stefano. Yeah, that actually happens. So Duffy returns to his old flame and they run into the newlyweds at a restaurant. Duffy immediately breaks down and says he loves Adiana and arguing ensues. Over the course of a few minutes, couples will break up, reunite, and break up some more. It's absolutely crazy.

In case you didn't see enough boobs during the film, there are plenty of special features to watch. Boobs in slow motion (yeah, you heard that right), behind the scenes with Jesse Jane, and the anatomy of the happy ending massage scene are just a few of the fantastic extras you can watch. So yeah, the bottom line is this: Don't buy, watch, or even listen to Frat Party. It's horrible.


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