>> Goodnight for Justice (2011)

Title: Goodnight for Justice

Genre: Western

Starring: Luke Perry, Laura Gilchrist

Director: Jason Priestley

Studio: Entertainment One

Runtime: 88 minutes

Release Date: April 12, 2011

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

MPAA Rating: NR

Rating: 2.80 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B-

Official Site


Luke Perry and Jason Priestley worked together for years on the original Beverly Hills 90210.

Goodnight for Justice is a solid traditional western that doesn't take any risks. But maybe it doesn't need to.

They Say:

John Goodnight has a crystal clear memory of the day that his family fell victim to ruthless outlaws. He and the wife of Circuit Judge Aldous Shaw were the only survivors of the attack; she would become his foster mother. Goodnight cannot forget the corrupt man who destroyed his family and he lives for a second chance encounter with the outlaw. 

After Goodnight has a rocky start as a solicitor, the Governor swears him in as the Western Territories next Circuit Judge. Goodnight travels the West seeking protection for the innocent, until one fateful day, when his journey takes him to a place that is all too familiar. 

I Say:

This is a by the numbers western, with tormented good guys and vile bad guys and women who get caught in the middle.  Ably filmed and acted, it was pleasing to watch.  It contained no real surprises but it retained my interest just the same.  The end is left open for a sequel, and I can image the movie got good enough ratings and had a low enough budget to make that a serious possibility.

The DVD contains the movie, with subtitles available for the hearing impaired, a 4 minute behind the scenes featurette and 12 minutes of interviews with Luke Perry, Laura Gilchrist and Jason Priestley.  All of the extras, and more, are available on Hallmark's website.  Seeing as how this is a Hallmark movie and they’ll probably air it a few dozen times, so if you have access to their channel, just watch it there.  But if you are a huge Luke Perry fan or feel a strong need to own it, I’d still say wait - until the price goes down.


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