>> Silent Hill: Revelation (BLU-RAY) (2013)

Title: Silent Hill Revelation

Edition: Blu Ray DVD Digital Copy Ultraviolet

Genre: Horror

Starring: Adelaide Clemens, Carrie-Anne Moss, Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, Kit Harington

Director: Michael J. Bassett

Studio: Universal Studios

Runtime: 95 minutes

Release Date: February 12, 2013

Format: BLU-RAY, DVD

Discs: 2

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 1.93 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C-

Bonus Features

A Look Inside Silent Hill Revelation

Heather Mason (played by Adelaide Clemens) has no memory of what occurred to her while she was in the demonic world of Silent Hill with her mother. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday party, Heather and her father (played by Sean Bean) are finally tracked down by evil forces that want her back in Silent Hill. Feeling like she's losing her mind, Heather don't believe what she sees but when her father is abducted and taken to Silent Hill, Heather has no choice but to follow.

Silent Hill, the first one, was a really fun movie that I've liked since I first saw it with some friends in the theaters. It was spooky, it was creepy, and it had the right amount of gore at the right times. When I heard that Silent Hill was getting a sequel I was pretty excited. I'd been waiting since the first one to watch more of Pyramid Head and that gigantic sword and now with Silent Hill Revelation I was going to finally get that. The movie picks up some years after the first movie ended with Sharon aka Heather in this movie, has been running and hiding from the creatures of Silent Hill with her father. Because she is chosen and is turning 18, she now is being hunted down to be brought back to Silent Hill. Heather starts to go back and forth into the demonic world of Silent Hill and the real one but because she doesn't remember her time there as a child she thinks she's loosing her mind. Of course she ends up back in Silent Hill where she has to stay alive long enough to free her father.

So does Silent Hill Revelation stand up to the first movie? No, nor is it that good. Supposedly this sequel was supposed to be a gore fest with scary creatures but I’ve seen more gore on a prime time medical drama show. If you don’t blink and you stay at full attention, you will notice a few moments of some minor gore but I wouldn’t even classify it as gore rather it being some moments of violence. As far as it being scary and gory, it’s not even close to it. At best this movie has some really cool and creepy looking creatures but I was never scared, nervous, or amped up like I was with the first movie.  It seems like there was too much time spent on trying to make this movie look like it was creepy and scary but then it turned out to not be.

Though I wasn’t too impressed with how it lacked any frights I was impressed with how the plot continued from the first. Even with it taking place years after the ending of the first the story still follows the same characters and even has some of the cast from the first movie. I’m used to seeing sequels that use new actors for the roles of past characters, which Revelations does with Heather, but they also bring back Sean Bean and Deborah Unger. More shocking was seeing Malcolm McDowell in this movie and I got to say he gives the best performance of all of them. Sadly though his character is only used for a few minutes before going back to the rest of the cast who seem to be struggling with their roles. What this movie lacks in acting and horror, it does make up some with the look of it. The graphics and the creatures are the best parts of this movie as they are very creepy and if I were actually in that environment I would be scared senseless but watching Silent Hill Revelations was not scary at all.

Though I wasn’t jumping or even getting the twitches as I watched this sequel I did like the way it looked. There are a lot of blacks in this movie making it very easy to have a lot of grain in the picture but it don’t. Most of the time the movie keeps with the dark where they don’t use bright colors but the way the colors are used give the movie a sinister look. This could have been a Blu Ray that would have too much of the detail showing making what is fake look fake but it don’t. Silent Hill Revelation has a smooth look but has better audio than anything else. It’s worst feature, the lack of bonus features. I did enjoy the cast and crew talking about the making of it but having no deleted scenes, gags, or anything else is not a bonus at all.


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