>> Strange New World (2010)

Title: Strange New World

Edition: Standard

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Starring: John Saxon, Ford Rainey, James Olson, Kathleen Miller, Keene Curtis

Director: Robert Butler

Studio: Warner Brothers

Runtime: 97 minutes

Release Date: June 2, 2010

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 1.81 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C-

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Special Features

There are none, just the movie, which makes for a boring DVD.

Strange New World, is it really? No, not really, just a movie that tries to be strange and all it ends up being is a little boring and then over. So lets see what the official description says about the film Strange New World that was made back in 1975.

Cult icon John Saxon (Enter the Dragon) battles clones, barbarians, beasts and more in this startling sci-fi adventure based on concepts developed by Gene Roddenberry, the visionary creator of Star Trek. After 180 years in a cryogenic freeze, a trio of astronauts returns to Earth, only to find giant asteroids have devastated the planet. Roaming across America’ vast wastelands, they encounter weird new cities, strange civilizations and bizarre descendants of Earth’ distant past.

That’s a good one for when reading the back of the box but for me it just don’t do the movie right. John Saxon is a man that has been in a lot of movies, some good, some bad, then some you just don’t want to remember. Strange New World is one of those that fall in the don’t want to remember group. At least for me that is. As the film opened up with Saxon talking over the video about how he and his crew are on the space station that is testing the cryogenic freeze processes, the video shows the station floating out in space. Not the greatest of special effects, even for being made back in the mid 70’s.

Once we get the jest of what’s happening, that we are now 180 years in a future that never really had a start date to begin with, we get to see the world that will be in the future. The only thing that we see is a bunch of horrible acting, people that seem to not want to be doing the film, and sets that look like they were pieced together in a matter of hours.

I could have dealt with the bad acting and the bad sets, but with the jumping of the timeline for the film I just wanted it to finish. The 97 minutes that the film lasts felt more like 300 minutes. One minute John Saxon is on a shuttle then we get to see him beating up on these people that seem to be on some sort of autopilot. Oh and those fight scenes were just about realistic as a cartoon is.

Then Strange New World went on to show some sort of cave like people living out in the wild. How did the world go from one place having the technology to make clones to 30 miles away the people are living off the land? I don’t know but they do and in doing so John Saxon and his group of 2 friends end up being trapped in the middle of a war between people that have animals (more like they just watch them) vs the poachers. This whole sequence was just torture for me. It was boring, made no sense, and had all of the above, bad acting and bad sets. But I was treated with one good moment, the ending. When it does end it just ends. It was like the movie was just forgot about and never had a real ending made. Strange New World made me want to take a nap, that’s about as good as it gets.


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