>> Submarino (2011)

Title: Submarino

Genre: Drama, Family

Starring: Jakob Cedergren, Peter Plaugborg

Director: Thomas Vinterberg

Studio: Entertainment One

Runtime: 89 minutes

Release Date: October 11, 2011

Format: DVD

Rating: 0.85 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D-

Official Site

“Submarino” is a Danish movie about two brother, Nick (Jakob Cedergren) and his younger brother (Peter Plaugborg), who doesn’t have a name for reasons unknown. They have a drunk and abusive mother that forces them to take care of their younger baby brother. Tragedy strikes and each brother follows a dark and depressing road in life. Nick becomes an alcoholic, while his younger brother becomes a heroin addict and a single father.

This was a very sad and depressing movie, but mainly it lacked an actual storyline. Halfway through the movie I was thinking what was the point of the whole movie, but my question was never really answered at the conclusion. It attempted to tell the story of the brothers and how their difficult upbringing affected their adult lives, but overall it felt like a mishmash of bad choices and bad luck. I was totally lost by everything from the beginning to the end.

Besides lacking an actual storyline, it also lacked extras, good characters, and decent scenes. Besides 2 trailers and the movie, this DVD did not include anything else to offer its viewers. Also, I did not feel any connection to any of the characters or have any remorse. I think the younger brother’s son, Martin, would be the only exception because he was the innocent victim in all of this, but he was the only one I felt bad for. Lastly, there were a lot of awkward scenes in the movie, such as the short and emotionless sex scenes and the scenes of the younger brother doing heroin 5 or 6 times in the same manner. If a majority of the useless scenes were cut out, this movie would have moved a lot faster and made a bit more sense. For those reasons, I am giving this movie a “D-.” 


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