>> The Big Blue (2009)

Title: The Big Blue the World's Largest Creature

Edition: Standard

Genre: Documentary

Starring: N/A

Director: N/A

Studio: Smithsonian Networks

Runtime: 93 minutes

Release Date: July 21, 2009

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 1.98 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

Official Site

What weighs more than an elephant and 50 people can stand on it?

That would be the blue whale's tongue. If you are wondering how much that weighs, that would be up to 10,000 pounds, that's 5 tons, of a tongue.

What is the largest animal on the planet Earth? That would be the big blue whale and if there has ever been an understatement made it would be calling this creature big. When you weigh up to 180 tons, yes up to 180 TONS, are the length of two buses, and have a heart that is the size of a small car, being called big is like saying there's a little bit of water in the ocean. Getting to see one of these gigantic whales swimming in the waters while the camera operator films from an airplane is such an amazing site because even from the height and on a TV screen you can easily tell that this animal is so big.
What is known about these blue whales? Well from what the DVD said not much is known. Reasons why, well the only one I can recall from the DVD is that they are going extinct because of being hunted down by whalers. That's really about all the information that is given on this show about the blue whale. I learned more about the birds, penguins, and a few other animals that are on the DVD than I did about the blue whale. Why this is so I don't know. Maybe they really don't know much about the blue whale so they didn't have much to say but it seemed like I watched 25 minutes of other animals, 5 minutes of talk about fishermen, and only got 10 to 15 minutes of talk and footage of the blue whale itself.
Not only is the lack of information about the blue whale disappointing but I was distracted from the show by listening to the narrator. Whoever the narrator is on this DVD he sounds like a guy that is trying to do an impersonation of the movie trailer voice guy, with that deep raspy voice. For a movie trailer where some action is happening that voice is good, for a documentary on blue whales and penguins in Australia, yes penguins in Australia I was shocked too, but that movie voice is not a good fit for this. Every time the narrator spoke I wanted to first laugh, then I was expecting some giant explosion to happen. This documentary needed someone with a better and more natural voice to narrate it making it more interesting and more realistic.
Normally I really like these kind of shows and watch them on TV a lot but this one was just a bit on the boring side. There was no real information given about the blue whale other than the size of it and that not much is known. By the time I was finished watching this I took nothing away from it. The best thing about this was that I got to see what a blue whale looks like from a distant and at certain angles. This is at best a semi ok show to watch if board and want to kill about an hour of time before doing something else but otherwise it's not that great.
The best part of this DVD was that on the special feature there is another 40+ minute long show called Footprints on the Water: The Nan Hauser Story. This was another documentary about a woman who has spent her life to the study of whales. Now this was really interesting to watch because it was actually filled with information. It's a wide range of information from the woman Nan Hauser and how she lives to how they collect dead skin from a whale. With both of these shows on the DVD I ended up enjoying them but if it had just been The Big Blue show than I would have not liked this DVD at all.



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