>> The Words (2012)

Title: The Words

Edition: Theatrical & Extended Film Versions

Genre: Drama

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons, Ben Barnes, Dennis Quaid

Director: Brian Klugman

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Runtime: 200 minutes

Release Date: December 24, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 1

Rating: 3.96 (out of 4.00)

Grade: A

Bonus Features

Behind the Scenes, How Bradley Cooper and the Filmmakers Found The Words

All Rory Jansen (played by Bradley Cooper) wants to do with his life is be a writer. Inspired by all the great writers in history, some of the most famous and some very few know about, Rory spends his night working on his novel. At his side always is Dora (played by Zoe Saldana), his loving wife who encourages him to fight for his dream of becoming the writer that she knows he can be. That dream however almost ends for Rory until a chance discovery while in Paris allows him to achieve all that he ever could dream. Now a famous writer with his first masterpiece novel Rory seems to have the world at his fingertips. But like a dream Rory finds himself waking up to the real world, a world that might tear him apart.

This movie started off being something I was not expecting it to be and I like it because of that reason. As with most movies my first impression of The Words was what I had learned from watching the trailer, which is that the movie was about a man who has wrote a book, became famous, and now has to deal with his past catching up to him. Once I started to watch the movie it was quickly explained that Rory was going to be dealing with his past only because he was forced to. Well, that’s kind of par for the course when the plot has the main character achieving their dreams immorally or illegally and then has to deal with doing so later on. Difference with The Words and all those other movies with this kind of plot is that instead of having me interested in what happens in the end to the character I was more interested in the story leading up to that ending.

The best way I can describe the movie The Words is that it’s a movie that should be a book. Which works out quite well considering that the core subject of this movie is a book. The Words has Clay reading the book he wrote about a man who wants to be a writer that has stolen another mans book. It’s the telling of a book inside a book taken from a book, and this was a fun experience to watch. Like any good book, The Words got me involved with the characters, they are fleshed out, they become real, and I’m made to want to follow their lives rather than just getting to the action scenes. It’s written like it’s a book, the way it’s told felt like I was actually reading a book with this being how I pictured it in my mind, and it’s played out like a book where I was being pulled along with the unfolding of the story.

I was most impressed with the way the characters are so real in this movie. The way each of the actors, especially Jeremy Irons as The Old Man, have made their characters interesting. Jeremy Irons does a wonderful job being The Old Man telling his life’s story to Rory because of what Rory has done. I could feel the pain, the anger, and the loss his character has had to live with. The Words is a slow paced movie though it never felt like it was lagging any. My only problem with the movie was the way it ended. There are times that I like a movie leaving the ending open to my own theories but this really wasn’t one of those times. It works for the plot but I would have liked to had a little more information to give a little more credit to what I think the answer is. Other than that The Words was a most enjoyable movie, one that has done something that very few movies has done for me by feeling more like a story I was reading rather than something I was watching.


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