>> Trespass (BLU-RAY) (2011)

Title: Trespass

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet, Ben Mendelsohn, Liana Liberto

Director: Joel Schumacher

Studio: Millennium Media

Runtime: 85 minutes

Release Date: November 1, 2011

Format: BLU-RAY

Discs: 1

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 1.75 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D+

Bonus Feature

Trespass Inside the Thriller

Kyle Miller (played by Nicolas Cage) has a beautiful wife Sarah (played by Nicole Kidman), a loving teenage daughter Avery (played by Liana Liberato), he lives in a luxury home, and drives expensive cars. His life is one that others dream of having but it’s a life that he is barely able to keep. When a group of thieves break into Kyles home looking for diamonds, Kyle must do what they say or him and his family will die. Elias (played by Ben Mendelsohn) is the leader of the group of thieves and he has other plans than just diamonds, plans that include helping his little brother Jonah (played by Cam Gigandet) get the woman he loves while also becoming rich and paying off a hefty debt.

Before getting this Blu Ray of Trespass, I had not even heard of this movie and I understand why now that I have watched it. The whole premise of this movie takes some thieves that is being led by a guy that owes money for some drugs that where stolen who is going to rob the character being played by Nicolas Cage because he’s rich. Though the character that Cage plays is a guy that will not give up his fortune that is there for his family because he believes the thieves will kill him and his family if he did give them the money. Because he don’t give them the diamonds or the money, the thieves stay there threatening to kill his wife and daughter and then him if he doesn’t do what they say. Still he don’t do what they say, so they progress to more threats, some beating of both him and his wife, and then even getting to the point of shooting him.

Through out this movie there’s supposed to be tense moments, actually the whole movie is supposed to be tense, suspenseful, and I think it’s supposed to have the viewer guessing as to the real reason why the thieves are in the house. As the plot moves along it’s shown how the thieves know so much about the family while at the same time showing why they are really there, because of Jonah who is just plain crazy. This is where I was supposed to be wondering what was going on but all it did was bore me.
Nicolas Cage does a semi ok portrayal of his character, in fact it’s one of his better acting performances he has done because it breaks him out of that typical action tough guy role. It’s not by much though, because even when he’s playing a guy who is supposed to be a rich man that lives a life where he don’t fight and don’t have to deal with thugs, he still ends up being a guy that tries fighting 3 men with guns and ends up being a tough guy. Nicole Kidman on the other hand does not do such a hot job as the scared loving wife. She plays this character in a way that if she wasn’t in the movie she wouldn’t have been missed. The daughter played by Liana Liberato, who is only in the movie for a little bit, has more screen presence than Nicole Kidman does and Nicole Kidman is in the movie about as much as Nicolas Cage is.

With such a slow plot, the progress of the action reaching one level that’s low yet trying to be one of intense drama, and some poor dialog, Trespass just bored me. I didn’t care if any of the characters were killed off by the thieves or the other way around where the family kills the thieves. All I wanted was for this movie to be over so I could get one without having to watch it anymore. It doesn’t help that there are only a few sets being used in the movie and they are all mainly in the house. Most of the movie takes place in one room with some moments of one of the characters going to another room but they mainly stay in one spot. Because of this little use of locations there’s nothing to change what is being seen and it again makes the movie boring. 

Boring movie, action of no action, plot that stays stale, but it all looks really good to the eye. There’s moments in this movie that show how good the quality of Blu Ray can be with the colors being used. One of these scenes is with the safe where the silver of the safe is in contrast to the clothes Nicolas Cage is wearing as well as the color of the wall the safe is set in. It’s simple, there’s no complicated or complex design or color scheme being used, just basic colors that contrast each other that end up looking really sharp on the television screen. I might not have liked the movie but the clarity of the picture is nice, not good enough to make up for the shoddy job of the movie, but it still looks nice. However, the Blu Ray falls short when it comes to bonus features, with only have one bonus feature and it’s not that good anyways. 


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