>> Dead Rising 2 (2010)

M (Mature)

Title: Dead Rising 2

Genre: Action/Adventure

Publisher: Capcom

Available Consoles: Playstation 3

Reviewed Consoles: Playstation 3

Ship Date: September 28, 2010

Players: 1-4

Time to Finish: 15-20 Hours

Zombies are all the rage right now.  It seems pretty much everywhere you look in video games, you see the undead.  Even titles that have nothing to do with them find some way to implement everyone’s favorite cannibalistic monsters.  Now we’ve got Dead Rising 2, a game that revolves around nothing but zombies.  Sure fire good time, right?

Dead Rising 2 puts you in the shoes of Chuck Greene.  Chuck is a motorcross superstar that recently lost his wife to a zombie outbreak.  What’s worse is Chuck’s daughter is infected as well, but her mutation is kept under control by a drug called, Zombrex.  Zombrex stops the turning of infected humans in to zombies, but it’s very expensive, very hard to find and you need a lot of it to keep from ‘dying’.

Chuck lands in Fortune City, Nevada – the site of a game show called Terror is Reality.  After competing on this show for some quick cash, he finds himself framed for the outbreak of zombies in Fortune City – a previously ‘controlled’ city.  After making his way to a survivor’s shelter in the middle of a massive shopping and gambling center, Chuck realizes he has only 72 hours to clear his own name before the military shows up to rescue everyone.

Aside from doing story-related missions to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and keeping Chuck’s daughter stocked with Zombrex, you also have a lot of spare time within the 72 hour window they give you.  You can spend that time searching for survivors to rescue for experience points and looking for new weapons.

If standard armaments like bats and guns just aren’t doing it for you, Blue Castle Games has implemented a system that allows you to create your own.  This weapon creation system is the real draw for Dead Rising 2.  Basically, you can take two seemingly harmless items (and sometimes real munitions as well) and combine them to create one big nasty weapon.  Not just any item will go together with another, but a lot of times we found that some obvious ideas for weapons worked out well.  If you’re having a hard time finding a couple of objects to use together, you can earn combo cards that tell you of wacky weapons that can be made, and exactly how to create them.


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