>> Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (2010)

T (Teen)

Title: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2

Genre: Fighting

Publisher: Namco Bandai

Available Consoles: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Reviewed Consoles: Playstation 3

Ship Date: November 2, 2010

Players: 1-2

Official Site

Creating a 3D fighter based on a long-running anime is a massive challenge. Fans expect all the characters to be in the game, and for every one of them to be equipped with their special moves. That’s before considering how to recreate the unique fighting experience; which is destructive and fast with lots of verticality.

Raging Blast 2, like its predecessors, is a true 3D fighter. Its free-roaming one-on-one battles are fought on large (fairly) destructible stages. The fighting isn’t consigned to the land either; you’ll spend as much time flying through the sky as you do on the ground. As the camera is often zoomed in close, it can get disorientating, and you’ll regularly lose sight of your opponent following a combo, but the flip side of this is that the attacks feel weighty.

It’s not all close quarters combat however; the game makes good use of its huge stages. Charge attacks (ie, hold down square) will send your opponent flying across the stage, and another quick press of square will see your character teleporting across the map to hit a devastating smash attack. Alternatively you could have pressed X following the charge attack, which would have sent your character after them, so you can get another shot at throwing them around the arena. It’s a bit like pinball.

The most basic moves are rush and smash attacks, both close range moves. The former can be used (by pressing square) to chain up combos while the latter mixes square and triangle button presses to produce more powerful attacks. Different combos can be made by varying your button choices.

Ki blasts (balls of energy) offer a ranged option; pressing triangle fires them. They’re not very powerful but they can be useful in certain situations. They’re good for stopping your opponent from charging up a powerful attack.

The signature skills aren’t particularly satisfying. These are moves unique to the character; they are mapped to the circle button. They are not responsive and neither do they feel powerful. However, this can vary between characters.

dragon ball raging blast 2  screenshot 1 e1288916469293 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2   The PS3 Attitude review

The best moves, without a doubt, are the super attacks and the ultimate super attacks. These powerful moves cause massive damage, and they’re pretty flashy to boot. Just as they are in the anime, they are the highlight of Dragon Blast 2’s combat. Each character has four super attacks, mapped to the four directions of the right thumbstick.

Not all of the super attacks are flashy, some offer benefits like increased dodging skills for a limited period of time. As you progress through the game more attacks will become unlocked, which will give you the chance to pick and choose between your favourites.




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