>> Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 2 (2011)

T (Teen)

Title: Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 2

Genre: Music

Publisher: Konami

Available Consoles: Nintendo Wii

Reviewed Consoles: Nintendo Wii

Ship Date: April 5, 2011

Players: 1-6

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With a hit as phenomenal as Glee you just knew there would eventually be game tie ins like Glee Karaoke. Konami, after receiving a bit of negative buzz on their first effort, return to the well with Glee Karaoke Revolution Volume 2. Reviewers have noted some improvements since the first game but shortcomings as well. I guess this can be tossed up to the whole “You Can’t Please Everyone” motto. So what did I think of my time with Glee Karaoke Revolution Volume 2?

First off I have never seen the show. I know its huge but in this day and age where everything seems to be huge on television (especially when its not) I just didn’t feel like taking my chances. Needless to say the first hurdle I had to get over for Glee Karaoke was the fact that the songs found within are not the original songs but versions taken directly from the show. With that its understandable that things like pitch and timing have been a bit tweaked to fit the vocal talents of the shows stars. Still its relatively close.

The game has four different routes you can take for playing the game:

~Scrapbook: For the lonely crooner who closes the blinds and lets their singing prowess, or lack of, shine when no one is watching. Simply select a character from the show, each has a differing range of songs you can choose from (I believe Finn has the widest selection with 8 songs instantly available). In this mode you can unlock and scrapbook themed Glee items. To do so you must accomplish tasks like; Complete Song, Score such and such amount of points, Hit a certain amount of phrases, etc.

~Quick Play Mode: If your hosting a Karaoke Party this would be the selection you would make. Simply select any song from the song bank and you can opt to perform solo, against another player, duet with another player, or perform co-op. Some songs like Dream A Little Dream of Me and Beth have fewer options for game play.

~Shooting Star Mode: Like Quick Play you have the option of to pick any song and then perform solo, duet, or co-op. (There is no versus mode in this section). One or two players perform while up to four players use their remotes to shoot stars that pop up during the performance.

~Marathon Mix: If you’ve got the stamina and the voice for a concert performance the game will allow you to play every song in the game back to back. If there are some songs you don’t think you can handle or just don’t want to you have the option of pressing 1 on your remote and editing the list of songs your willing to play back to back.

The game comes in two packages for you to choose from. If you already own the first game and simply want Glee Karaoke Volume 2 all by itself you can opt to purchase the software only or if not you can buy the bundle which include a microphone. The microphone that comes in the bundle is white sporting a small Konami sticker on it. If your like me you probably have a couple of microphones from other games but I guess it never hurts to have one more, just in case.

My first go at Glee Karaoke I had my issues, such as I explained above about pitch and timing, but soon found myself repeatedly playing one particular song over and over, trying my hardest to get it right. Did I feel silly? Of course, but the game really impressed me with something other Karaoke games fail to incorporate. Now I own copies of The Naked Brothers Band Karaoke game, several copies of Disney Sing It (I’ve got kids) and I noticed that the kids often times give up in the middle of a song and start humming or making some other bizarre noise. Those games actually allow this and hands them points accordingly. Glee? No way. Your either on pitch or your playing the song again. Mind you it doesn’t have to be perfect pitch but its got to be in the general area. Not only does this give the game longevity it also teaches its players how to perform pitch, timing, and pronunciation. There’s no real humming or hawing as you go with Glee’s Vibrato Indicator forcing you to get it right. I thought that was awesome. Your also entertained with not only songs from the show but the show as well. Every song performed is coupled with the actual performance from the show (Must fight urge to Netflix Glee) including songs featuring Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff. I didn’t have much to complain about with Glee Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 but others did. Here’s the consensus.

1. There is no audio off which means that you can never sing a song without trying to sing over the cast members of the show. I can see how that might suck for people who are actually good singers or for those that might very well end up on the bloopers reel for American Idol, but I thought singing along was a good motivation for keeping the pitch correct during each song.
2. One consumer at Amazon complained that Ice Ice Baby and Pink Houses isn’t even in the game. My best guess is that these are two songs that need to be unlocked in order for you to perform them. If anyone has conquered this game and unlocked everything please give us a shout here.
3. If I had to nitpick any issues with the game it would have to be that kids don’t really know these songs aside from Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and All American Rejects Gives You Hell. I guess the purpose here is that the songs are from the show and aimed towards Glee fanatics or the older folks. Also the inclusion of Madonna’s Like A Virgin makes this a bit of a no no for playing the game with your kids. Anyone else remember driving around with your Mom and the Divinyl’s I Touch Myself would pop on the radio? Awkward! Other then that I think the game is pretty great and for someone my age my friends and I will get a kick out of playing it to death. As Always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.



Actually, there is an option

Actually, there is an option to turn the vocals off, under the "Audio" heading on the options menu. You can also do the reverse and turn the music off while leaving the vocals on, if you're so inclined. As for Pink Houses and Ice Ice Baby, they are unlockable but as far as I know, the game itself doesn't give you the codes, no matter how well you do. Ice Ice Baby's code is included inside the game when you purchase it from Target, and Pink Houses was included with Amazon pre-orders. A quick Google search will turn up both codes fairly easily. I found them and unlocked the songs with no trouble.

Good Looking Out

That's some useful information. I'll have to use google and track down those codes. Ice Ice Baby seems like a perfect song to just spazz out to. Not sure what Pink Houses is though but to have the complete line up of tracks will be sweet.


Go to the unlockables menu and put in:

Pink Houses enter code: DD6C62
Ice Ice Baby enter code: A64112

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