>> Next Day Air (2009)

Title: Next Day Air

Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Starring: Donald Faison, Mike Epps, Wood Harris, Omari Hardwick, Darius McCrary, Yasmin Deliz, Cisco Reyes, and Mos Def

Director: Benny Boom

Studio: Melee Entertainment

Runtime: 90 minutes

In Theatres: May 8, 2009

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 2.11 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C

Official Site

Next Day Air is about what happens when a postal delivery man has one of the worst days of his life on the job. The basis of the movie is that the postal service guy Leo (played by Donald Faison of the television show Scrubs) makes a mistake by delivering a package to the wrong apartment. The ones living in this apartment is Brody (Mike Epps) and his buddy Guch (Wood Harris). The package was meant for their neighbors down the hall Jesus (Cisco Reyes) and his girlfriend Chita (Yasmin Deliz) who are freaking out over not getting the package. This is the point of the whole movie that sets all the events into action.

Now with such actors as Mike Epps, Mos Def, and Donald Faison I was expecting a really funny comedy movie. What I got to see was not one really funny comedy movie. Instead what I got to see is a movie that was a drama that had some chuckles in it but nothing that was really funny. What's more is that the one actor that I was thinking was going to have this huge role in it and would have some of the best jokes wasn't in it no more than 10 minutes, if that, and he didn't get to show any of his comedy. That would be Mos Def.

I don't know what happened in the making of this movie. When looking at posters and ads for it Mos Def is in the forefront making you think he's the main character. He's not. Then there's Donald Faison who I saw in the trailers, thinking he was going be the second main character. Though he is shown more and has a bigger role in the movie than Mos Def, he isn't really that much of a main character. Who is? That would be Mike Epps and Wood Harris. In fact the guy on the couch that has maybe 2 lines has a bigger role in this film than Mos Def does and he was funnier than him as well.

This could have been a much better movie than it was but it ended up being a let down. The comedy in it wasn't that great and the big name actors in it were outshined by Cisco Reyes and Yasmin Deliz who I thought were just side characters that was there just to set up the action in the movie. Those two actors did a good job with the roles they had and if it wasn't for them I would have liked the movie less than what I did when walking out. As I said I was expecting a comedy but what I got was a movie with a lot of cussing in it and one that's all about some thugs trying to get rich quick in the illegal way.

Why Mos Def wasn't used more in this movie I don't know but I think that if he had been this movie would have been a lot better than it was. As it stands it's an ok movie to watch if you want to rent it, which I had heard a man say the same as I was walking out. The humor was dry in it and the little action that happened was done in a flash. The rest of the movie to be a long character development and that just didn't make me like it. 


Next Day Air

If you are a fan of movies like Friday you will like this.

Next Day Air - Bad

This was not the best movie I have seen. It was a lot of profanity, way too much, drugs, driving and smoking weed. It's not a movie you want young people under the age of 18 watching. This is the old school movie, not the positive black movies, we have seen lately. I rate it as D, as a matter of fact, I left before the ending.

Next Day Air

I wouldn't call it bad, but I would not call it good. I have to disagree that its an old school movie, oops because of my age I forget old school now means 80's. Old school for me means Roundtree, Pam Grier, Jim Kelly etc. Definitely fit the Friday mold, but the writing and the jokes were not as good. Wait for it to hit Redbox. However, as a female the price of admission would be worth it to watch Omari Hardwick (ex-pro football player), definitely eye candy.

Funny -- a great evening out for adults

My husband and I laughed most of the way through it, as did most of the audience. We thought it was a great movie. The R rating appropriately warns against bringing children and those with tender ears. The language has a lot to be desired and the drugs and violence are difinitely not for the younger audience.

For an adult evening out, I'd give it a thumbs up!

Next day Air

this was a good movie wasnt all that i expected it to be but it made me laugh a lot it could have been funnier but if it wernt for the character selection it would have been a horrible movie mos def played his character well he was great i gave it a b+ age group is 17-37

Next Day Air

Thought the movie was just too painful to sit through. Way too much violence, language and drug usage. Very weak story line. Thank you Shakefire for the opportunity to view previews.

My thoughts

Went to see this one with wife and brother. I liked it the best of the three of us. I thought the rough language pretty typical for this sort of movie - drug movie. You have to take everything in its context. For a funny movie, though, I was taken aback by the gruesome bloodbath at the end of the movie. If they had handled that scene more in the context of the comedy that this movie was supposed to be, it could have been better.

Next Day Air

I was expecting more laughs, but for what it was worth I'd definitely see it again.

Next Day Air

This movie is one of those silly but quite funny. I have a few good laughs out of it. The violence is a bit much for a comedy. It's probably not worth the expense to see on the big screen.

Next Movie

I hope the next movie that summit entertainment produces has some entertainment embodied within. I expected more!!

Funny But No "Friday"

I laughed, but that was about it. This movie is no "Friday" - which I thought was one of the funniest movies of all time. Friday was one of those that you watched over and over. "Next Day Air" cannot compare!

Next Day Air = Next Day DVD

My wife and I saw the movie and believe this movie won't last over a month in theaters. It was totally opposite of what we thought. We were expecting a "Friday" type comedy, considering the comedians in the movie, but walked out confussed with the amount of violence and obsessive language involved, especially in the end. There were scenes in the movie that played no role in the plot and seemed to be in there as fillers. With the price of movie tickets today this movie would not be worth the price. I would suggest wait for the dvd, it will be out in 2 months.

Next Day Air

People when a movie is rated R what is that telling you? You know what it is all about before you step in line. So if your ears or eyes(sex scences) is too precious please stay at home. That"s the reasons for the rating guidelines.

So so movie

This movie reminded me a bit of Friday, Next Friday, etc. Not as funny but it did have a few good laughs.

Next Day Air

I watched the sneak preview to this movie and it was ok and the rating was correct. It is more along the lines of a Soul Plane than a Friday movie. I enjoyed it for free and laughed the entire time but would rather rent it at Redbox then to pay the movie theater outrageous prices! Mos Def is only in the movie for a total of about 10 minutes or less.

Wait for video

Sorry but this has got to be almost as bad as observe and report. the storyline just was a miss. And the humor was a little off. I agree with the above it does compare to soul plane.

Wasn't BAD!

I must say it was not the best but worth watching it. I acutally had to meet Mike Epps and took pic with him. He is so funny,,, just looking at him makes me laugh. He was real good in this one too.

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