>> Sin Nombre (2009)

Title: Sin Nombre

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Foreign Films

Starring: Edgar Flores, Paulina Gaitan, Kristyan Ferrer, Tenoch Huerta Mejí­a

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Studio: Canana Films

Runtime: 96 minutes

In Theatres: March 20, 2009

MPAA Rating: R

Rating: 3.01 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B

Sin Nombre, translation, well roughly it's nameless or without name. though I'm not sure exactly why the movie is titled this. Though the title should be enough of a clue to let you know that this movie is based in South America regions. The plot of the movie follows a young man El Casper, played by Edgar Flores, who is not that happy with his life, a young girl Sayra, played by Paulina Gaitan, who is going with her Uncle and Father to the New Jersey to make a life for themselves. All of these people end up crossing paths on a train that heads north carrying them and many other people. Along the way everyone on that train has to deal with the chance that they will be robbed, beat, or worse.

So that's the short run down of the movie and now for the review. I've seen a documentry adocumentarythat was about a train that was called 'The Train of Death', that's the translatednamtranslated nameain goes from the Mexican state of Chiapas, near the Guatemalan border, all the way to Mexico City. Why this train is called the train of death? That would be because so many deaths happen on or because of it. People trying to get on it slip ending up losing a limb if lucky or going under the train and dying. Then for the people lucky enough to make it on the train they get to deal with the many gangs that patrol the route where they will rob, beat, kill, and/or do other things to these people on the train.

Sin Nombre was a decent enough movie that had some of everything, love, hate, action, and drama. Though with knowing a little about the train I went into this movie thinking that there was going to be a lot more going on in it than there was. Slow to start and slow to progress to the ending, and then it was over. Some of these characters wasn't fleshed out enough for my liking. It's easy to understand what their main reasons where for doing everything they did but just because it's easy to understand the reasons it shouldn't mean we don't need to see them.

Not only that but through out the movie I kept waiting for more to happen. This is supposed to be a train that has been tagged with the name of death but I didn't get the feeling that these people were in life threatening peril. Aside from one occurance the people had more to woccurrencet with border guards and nature. But I must confess that the film does a good job in making you feel for these characters. There were some really good camera shots as well, and even one shot that was breathtaking. But still, when the movie was finished and I was walking out I found that I was just not that impressed with the movie. It as decent as I said before, it's well put together, and has a good cast, but something just seemed to be missing there for me to let this movie go from decent to great. It is however worth watching and I think many people will really like this movie.


Sin Nombre

This movie reminds me of the movie "Under the Same Moon" which is also in Spanish with English subtitle. Sin Nombre is not quite as good, but it does have a decent story. A lot of stuff is happening in this 1h35m long movie.

Sin nombre, sin great ending

The story was a little slow at first, although people talked really fast, so I missed a few subtitles. But eventually I caught on, and it's a great story, especially since I originally came from a similar world myself (the poverty, the desire for freedom, but not the extreme voilence that I personally witnessed). I can feel for them. All in all, the story was told with great details, great acts, and wrapped up neatly, but yes, I agreed with Lee Roberts, I felt a little emptyness leaving the theater, something was missing. I expected to cry my eyes out, but didn't. I think it might be the way it ended so abruptly. And perhaps something else (a spoiler, so I wont mention it). I got a little thrown off the train by it (just a figure of speech).

the movie is not based off

the movie is not based off South American region, it takes from Mexico, to Honduras, and back to the Mexico and U.S border this movie really shows, or rather only shows a glimpse of what many people who are from central America and Mexico have to go through to cross the border in hope of a better life.

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