>> Conan the Adventurer: Season 1 (2011)

Show: Conan the Adventurer

Season/Volume: 1

Genre: Action/Adventure, Anime, Drama, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Starring: Scott McNeil, Gary Chalk, Richard Newman, Michael Donovan, Janyse Jaud, Doug Parker, John Pyper

Studio: Shout! Factory

Runtime: 270 minutes

Release Date: July 26, 2011

Format: DVD

Discs: 2

Rating: 2.79 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C+

When some asteroids fall to Earth, the young Conan and his grandfather seek shelter from the fire from the sky. Instead of finding shelter, Conan finds a crater that has star metal. Conan’s father, a blacksmith creates a mighty sword like no other for Conan out of the star metal while selling off the other daggers and such that he makes out of the star metal. Though the evil Wrath-Amon is seeking out all the star metal for himself so he can release the evil Serpent Demon Set so it can enslave the world. While trying to get the star metal, Wrath-Amon turns Conan’s family into stone statues setting Conan on his search to find a cure for his family. During his search he forms friendships with Zula the prince of Wasai, Jezmine the circus performer who has star metal herself, the wizard Greywolf, and his animal friends Needle the young phoenix and Thunder, Conan’s horse. It will take every ounce of strength and cunning for Conan to fight the hordes of evil Serpent Men who work for Wrath-Amon in trying to stop Conan and take the star metal for himself.

Conan the Adventurer is a cartoon that came out in 1992 that is all about the barbarian trying to find a way to get his family cured from being stone statues. During his search Conan has to fight the evil hordes of Serpent Men that are lead by Wrath-Amon. Though Conan has a sword made out of metal that’s called star metal that came inside of asteroids that is able to show the Serpent Men in their true forms of lizards. Each episode has different battles for Conan and his friends to face in the search for the cure.

Not much more to the show then that, lots of fighting between the lizard guys and Conan while showing a lot of different creatures and magic. It might not sound like much or be that interesting but it actually was a lot of fun to watch. Each episode might be filled with fighting it does have the basic core of good vs. evil and has a good natured theme to it. This is a cartoon that came out during a time when cartoons was actually good and had a story line that went through every episode while still having some stand alone plots. I was watching each episode just waiting to see what was going to happen next for Conan and his friends and I wasn’t disappointed in the action that is given in the episodes.

What I liked the most is that the Serpent Men wasn’t overused in this. Sure they are in it and at least one makes an appearance in an episode but it’s not where Conan is only fighting the same bad guys over and over again. It’s because of this the episodes didn’t become stale or boring with the same theme but instead has plots that make the half hour long show fly by really fast. I also loved how everything that was said seemed to be this huge deal where the characters had to scream it out, which in turn had me yelling out the lines right after the characters did, it was a lot of fun to do and made the show a lot of fun. There’s also the theme song that just so over the top it’s funny and fits the show perfectly. Conan the Adventurer is one cartoon that surprised me at being so much fun to watch for being nearly 20 years old. Oh by the way, there are ninjas!


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