>> Duck Dynasty: Season One (2012)

Show: Duck Dynasty

Season/Volume: 1

Genre: Reality

Starring: Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Korie Robertson, Missy Robertson, Phil Robertson

Studio: A&E Home Video

Runtime: 330 minutes

Release Date: November 13, 2012

Format: DVD

Discs: 3

Rating: 2.80 (out of 4.00)

Grade: B-

Official Site

The Robertson family, lead by Willie, are the makers of the Duck Commander, top of the line duck calls, and Duck Dynasty is the reality show that films this backwoods to riches clan and their redneck antics.

I would be very interested in watching a documentary about Willie Robertson taking his family business and turning it into a multi-million dollar empire, but that isn't why they make reality television. Instead we occasionally get insight into the business in between the crazy things the family does.

They build duck blinds out of old camper trailers, hunt frogs in a golf course's water hazard, build their own duck pond for testing their calls, buy goats for their mother, hunt beavers, and much more. I can't say it isn't entertaining, it is on some level, but after a couple of episodes it becomes fairly predictable. Once they set up the idea, you know they are going to do it and you know it's going to go slightly wrong somehow.

However, at the core of the show is a strong message about family, which at least gives Duck Dynasty a leg up over quite a few of the other reality shows out there. Plus, it helps that nothing they do is purely attention seeking garbage. They are just rednecks doing redneck stuff because they like being rednecks.

The DVD set contains all 15 episodes of the first season as well as a half hour worth of additional scenes.

I can think of worse ways to waste six hours.


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